KFC have a new ‘masala crunch’ chicken flavour, and reviews are mixed

Some people are mad.

Masala Crunch

Usually we would warn against messing with perfection (in this case, whatever secret seasoning KFC uses in their chicken coating), but KFC just launched a new spice and some people swear it’s better than the original. Masala Crunch is the newest flavour on KFC’s menu and is described by them as an ‘EPIC fusion of flavours’, and by others as just kinda like a fruit chutney flavour.

The campaign for this new flavouring has been pretty low-key so you might not have even heard of Masala Crunch yet. You can order it as a box, which comes with three pieces of Masala Crunch Chicken, chips and a Coke for R49,90.

The Masala Crunch pieces are easy to tell apart from the regular KFC spice as they have an orange-yellow tinge to them and smell a bit like a delicious curry. They’re aimed at those who want a bit more kick with their KFC. The flavour is more fruit chutney than masala, although they are still pretty spicy. According to some taste testers if you struggle with spicy food you should just stick to one piece, unless you ordered a Krusher to come to the aid of your burning mouth. Masala Crunch is also much more crunchy than the OG KFC skin.

A lot of people have already declared Masala Crunch as their new go-to option at KFC, even claiming it’s better than the original. But, as with everything in life, the people of Twitter and Facebook have wasted no time in absolutely hating a company’s attempt at trying something new:

One Facebook user said she ‘hated every bite. Had some on Sunday. Even the dogs didn’t want it.’

The jury is out on this one, so you’ll have to try it for yourself. According to one taster, if you peel off the skin the chicken underneath tastes exactly the same as regular KFC, so no need to drag your dog down with you if you’re not a Masala fan.

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