How to Get Rid of Everything You Don't Need From Your Home

That’s what ringing in the new year is about, right?

It’s out with the old and in with the new! Do you consider yourself a hoarder? Most people who are hoarders would give a firm ‘no’ in answer to that question. But actually, being a hoarder is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s not always easy to give away sentimental items. However, if you have a blanket that you bought on sale once upon a time, and it’s looking a little threadbare from all the washing, it may be time to get rid of it.

Research shows that people only regularly use 25-30% of the items in their homes. So now’s the time to be doing some spring-cleaning and let us help you get rid of unwanted items.

Make a list

Ask yourself: what items do you really need? Or is it that you “want” to need it? You may even have items in storage that you’ve completely forgotten about. Go around the house and visit every room to draw up an inventory. You’re sure to find a mountain of things that are simply unnecessary. Think of what your friends might need or like and consider re-gifting it. It could even save you some bucks during the festive season!

Let’s pretend

Imagine this: you have less than one week to pack your belongings before relocating to another country. Which items would you take with you and what would you want to give away – especially if you were moving into a smaller house? If it won’t fit into your “new home,” then donate it to someone who will be only too grateful to receive it.

Make piles

Label empty boxes to help you organise things. Separate your stuff into piles of “What to keep”, “What to throw away”, “Recycle”, “Donate” and “Sell.”

What to do with your unwanted items?

Donate to charity

If you have clothing that you no longer wear or if the kids have outgrown their toys, consider donating these items to a local charity. Who knows, Fluffy might become a less fortunate toddler’s new favourite toy!


Social media is a powerful tool. All you need to do is to post a picture of the item and you will be heard loud and clear. If you are buying new furniture or appliances with your year-end bonus, sell the items you will no longer use right away. Everyone loves a good bargain, and if your stuff is in reasonable condition, soon you will have a buyer knocking on your door!


If certain items are not good enough to sell or donate, recycle. Just check that they are recycle-able by doing a bit of research. Certain electronic devices, for instance, cannot be recycled, so make sure before throwing them on that pile.

Ensure that the valuables you keep are insured as part of your home insurance. Be sure to apply for an affordable and comprehensive online insurance quote so you can start budgeting and start living your way!

Next level adulting achieved!

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