Here’s What to Do if You Get Stranded on the Side of the Road

This is what a guardian angel 👼🏽 looks like in the digital age

There’s a weird scratchy sound coming from what sounds like the bottom of your car. Did you drive over something without knowing it? Next thing your car starts to lurch forward and you hear the engine revving down. Then, a shudder, and it’s all over. You’re stranded on the side of the road on a highway in the middle of nowhere. You could pop the hood and have a look, but honestly, you wouldn’t know a spark plug from an air filter.

You’re stranded on the side of the road. Panic stations. Or not, because if you’re a 1st for Women insurance policyholder, there’s something simple you can do to stay safe and get the help you need quick time.

Access the Guardian Angel on Call feature on the 1st for Women app and select the feature you need:

If you need roadside assistance

Make sure your location feature is switched on, and tap on Roadside Assistance. Through the app, you’ll be able to see exactly how long it will take for help to reach you. The assistance provider will help you fill up your tank, give your battery a boost, fix a flat tyre, or tow your car if it broke down.

If you’ve had an accident

If you were involved in an accident and you cannot drive your car, don’t sweat it, 1st for Women will be there for you. Make sure your location feature is switched on, and tap on Accident Assistance. Through the app you can request a tow truck that will meet you at your location and tow your car to a place of safety. If your car was towed and you’re like, “ain’t nobody got time for this”, you can ask 1st for Women to arrange a lift to wherever you need to be.

If you feel unsafe

Accidents happen at the worst times. That’s how Murphy’s Law works right? Good news though – not every incident needs to go from bad to worse. If you’re a 1st for Women policyholder, you’ll have access to the Stand-by-me feature. If you’ve requested either Accident or Roadside Assistance via the app, 1st for Women will provide you with safety tips and send the closest available Guardian Angel to wait with you until help arrives.

If you need emergency medical assistance

Okay on a serious note, if you need emergency medical assistance, 1st for Women has a plan for that too. Through the app, you can call for emergency medical assistance. A trained and qualified emergency medical agent will take your call, assess the situation and dispatch an ambulance to assist you.

What if you can’t call?

If you’re ever in a bad accident and are unable to make a call, the 1st for Women app has a mobile crash detector function that automatically alerts emergency services if it senses that you have been involved in a serious accident. The app allows emergency services to detect your exact location and all the important information you’ve saved on the app; like your medical aid number and any existing medical conditions, so that they are prepared when they reach you. This feature is available to all comprehensive 1st for Women policyholders.

Insights have demonstrated that us women like to be prepared, just in case. This is the perfect way to be prepared for anything, at any time, anywhere. Get on it.

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