This Cape Town restaurant’s milkshake selection is record-breaking

*orders a round of freek shakes*

Gibson's Gourmet Burgers & Ribs World Record

If you like your dairy treats to be world record-level good, you need to head to Cape Town. Not only are they home to the best ice cream shop on earth (officially), you can also find Gibson’s Gourmet Burgers & Ribs there; a restaurant with a milkshake menu so impressive it just earned itself a Guinness World Record.


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Gibson’s Gourmet Burger and Ribs can be found at the Waterfront. They’re known for serving burgers that are extra AF; we’re talking cheese melting down the sides, burgers so tall they look like they’re going to topple over, and sauce for days. Their milkshakes are no different, specifically their ‘freek shakes’ which you’ll need a spoon to get through.


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Gibson’s milkshake selection is so impressive that the Guinness Book of World Records got in touch. They now hold the record for the Most Varieties of Milkshakes Commercially Available in The World. That’s 207 different varieties to be precise.

‘We started following the trend. Some of the biggest trends were vegan, sugar-free, yoghurt, goats milk and all kinds of different combinations. It just built up,’ said Ian Halfon.


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Props must be given to Gibson’s for catering to pretty much every dietary requirement on their milkshake menu. There are almond milk options for the vegans, Greek yoghurt options for the healthy, fat-free crushed ice shakes for those who are still Banting, and ‘adult shakes’ for those who want to get lit while sipping on their shake.

Apparently, even though their menu boasts flavours like fizzy Sparberry, sweet and salted popcorn, Nutella and mascarpone and rooibos apricot, plain old chocolate is still the most popular choice.

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