Fried Chicken Lovers: This Phone Case Has A Wing-Shaped Grip

This is going to drive my dog NUTS.

Phone cases have slowly taken a detour from being used to just protect one’s phone. Since I spend almost every waking minute on my smartphone—and I KNOW you do too—why not have a little fun with the case?

Well, good news for funky-phone people (and chicken lovers)—we have found you THE best case of all time. Why is it so amazing? Well, it has a freakin’ fried chicken phone grip. Enough said.

Instead of holding on to an ordinary circular disk for Instagram scrolling support, you can now stabilize your grip with a very realistic looking piece of plastic fried chicken. No, this is not a joke—you can check it out for yourself.

The case originally popped up in China, but has been tracked down on Amazon. It basically a steal at around R250 and is available for iPhones 5 through X – but once you include the shipping cost to SA and the possible import taxes, you’re looking at one valuable fried chicken phone case! The actual case is translucent and lightweight with holes cut out for volume buttons and the charging port. Its raised outer edges prevent the oh-so common—and dreaded—screen shatter too, which I know you need.

Just a warning: The chicken may not be *super* secure. One reviewer wrote that while the chicken looked realistic AF, it popped off in a day. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Nothing a little superglue can’t fix, though.

If you’re as obsessed as I am with this chicken case, hurry up and order soon because there is limited stock available. I mean, imagine how many people you are going to bamboozle with this faux-fried beauty. So, so worth it.

This post originally appeared on Cosmo US.

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