This Ice Cream Shop Will Send Your Crush an *Actual* Love Note for Valentine’s Day

It’ll be like the IRL version of the ? emoji.

You aren’t alone if the last time you interacted with an envelope was when you clicked your Gmail icon on your phone a few minutes ago. We would never swap the efficiency of email for an old-fashioned posted letter, but the romance of a physical love note is undeniable. This Valentine’s Day, one of the most Instagram-ed ice cream spots in the Western Cape, The Creamery, is taking it old-school and helping you to woo your crush with an actual posted love letter.

The next time you’re getting a waffle with one scoop of peanut butter and one scoop of sea salt caramel on top at The Creamery take a look around for a red mailbox. For the next few days, there will be an in-house post box specially installed to help you impress your Valentine. Pour your heart out on one of their limited edition postcards, pop it in the Lover’s Lane Mailbox and they’ll do the rest (spare a thought for whatever employee is going to be licking all those stamps; may they get as much Naartjie flavoured ice cream as needed to get them through).

The Creamery

If you’re really trying to win their heart (/need a last-minute gift idea for Valentine’s Day) there will be QR code vouchers available too to include in your IRL letter emoji.

The Creamery is most famous for their sea salt caramel flavour but other must-try options include popcorn (trust me on this one), choc malt and Corn Flake milk, which tastes like watching cartoons on a Saturday morning as a kid. Their flavour of the month for February is Tiramisu, i.e. creamy ice cream, dustings of cocoa powder, coffee syrup from Rosetta Roastery, all garnished with bits of chiffon cake. It’s so good, guys.


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Now all you have to do is find out your crush’s address in a way that isn’t completely creepy…

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