South Africa’s first commercial weed license has been granted to this strawberry farm


first commercial weed license

A well-known strawberry farm in Stellenbosch is branching out from their usual crop and is producing a whole lot of weed too. Felbridge has secured South Africa’s first commercial weed license, giving them the right to legally grow marijuana.

Since the Constitutional Court declared that personal use of weed is totally chill and not a crime, we’ve seen things like CBD-oil drizzled on pizza and the CANNAfornia roll; South Africa’s first cannabis oil-infused sushi. It’s now common knowledge that weed isn’t just used for getting high AF. It can be used to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, pain… and for getting high AF.

The Polkdraai farm have years of experience when it comes to greenhouse cultivation and believe this means they have ‘a head-start over the competition’. Marijuana can officially be prescribed to you by your doctor, and the CBD-oil market is booming, so we’re sure many more of these farms will be popping up in the next few years.

Felbridge are converting what was once a sweet pepper plantation into a huge dagga greenhouse. They’re legally allowed to grow up to 14 000m² of cannabis but will start small with 150m². Then they’ll test their produce (surely the best part of this whole process) and develop a 5 000m² greenhouse.

The weed grown on the farm will be used in multiple (legal) ways, such as medicinal reasons and to create food supplements. Great news for people who both love marijuana and believe that local is lekker.

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