We Know Prince Harry’s Nando’s Order, and It’s Kinda Disappointing

His sauce choice is not cheeky enough, TBH.


From Meghan Markle to a cheeky Nando’s, Prince Harry has taste. Apparently the royal has a thing for the South African chicken chain restaurant, and The Mirror has spilled the scalding hot lemon and herb tea on what Prince Harry’s Nando’s order is.

Nando’s is a South African business, but is really popular in the UK. So much so that there are more than double the amount of Nando’s over there (that’s 280 restaurants) than we have in South Africa. UK celebs even get given a Nando’s Black Card, which entitles them to free Nando’s for life; that’s when you know you’ve made it. #LifeGoals.

Prince Harry is just like us in that he loves flame-grilled chicken, specifically from one of the best to ever do it: Nando’s. Back before he could UberEats, Harry made a very rare appearance in an actual Nando’s restaurant in London, just before midnight. What he ordered has just been revealed and people are… disappointed, TBH.

He splashed out £24.05 (about R436) on a meal and drinks for himself and a friend. Not only did he pay actual money for his meal, but he had to wait a whole 15 minutes while they prepared it too. God, he is so down-to-earth.

A customer who was there at the time said, ‘It was surreal. He was very charming and politely refused a member of staff who approached him for a picture. I was gobsmacked to see him.’

Now for the disappointing part. We thought Harry was the coolest member of the royal family and yet when it comes to his Nando’s order he chooses Lemon and Herb, universally accepted as the worst sauce option on the menu. He treated himself to a pita with extra cheese and a side of creamy mash, plus a double chicken wrap with chips. All served with the sauce that’s even weaker than their Mild option. SMH.


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‘Moments after he left the restaurant, clutching his dinner in a paper bag, a member of staff jumped on the bench the Harry was sitting on and shouted: ‘I’m on the Prince’s throne!”, according to another onlooker. Big mood.

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