Milky Bar Has Just Launched a Collab With One of Nature’s Finest Flavours: Coconut

@ all the white chocolate lovers.

Milkybar coconut

Milkybar has *been* about the iconic mash-ups. Milkybar and Jelly Tots? Divine. Milkybar and that sweet stuff that crackles in your mouth? Weird, but also fun and we stan. Milkybar and Smarties? Name a more iconic duo. Now Nestle have just launched a new white chocolate bar: the Milkybar Coconut.

Business Insider: Jay Caboz

The latest addition to the Milkybar family is rolling out mid-October but a lucky few have already had a taste testing sesh. The slab contains flakes of crispy coconut, which is a nice contrast to the ultra smoothy white chocolate we know and love Milkybar for.

If you aren’t wowed by the concept of coconut and chocolate being combined then you obviously haven’t tried Cadbury’s Cashew and Coconut slab, one of the most underrated slabs out there. Milkybar’s take on a coconut treat is much creamier, but the crunch of the flakes prevents it from being too rich.

One taste tester at Business Insider said, ‘It’s one of the best chocolate combinations I’ve tried, and I think I might prefer it over the original. I’ll definitely be buying it when the white chocolate cravings set in,’

The Milkybar coconut is limited edition and will be on shelves mid-October.

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