Vegans Rejoice: KFC Will Soon Be Serving ‘Beyond Meat’ Fried Chicken

The makers of Beyond Meat are bringing us Beyond Fried Chicken ?

KFC vegan fried chicken

One of the hardest parts about going vegan (besides your parents suddenly taking a huge interest in your iron levels) is giving up junk food. Lucky for both vegans and those of us trying to cut down on our meat consumption but are struggling with the concept of not being able to eat KFC ever again: KFC vegan ‘fried chicken’ is now a thing.

KFC has paired up with the biggest name in the meat alternative game, Beyond Meat, to create vegan options for their menu. If the Beyond Meat burger patties are anything to go by (you can get them at select Woolworths Cafe’s BTW) Beyond Fried Chicken tastes almost identical to the real thing.

After a successful trial run of a vegan burger in the UK, KFC added vegan chicken nuggets and boneless vegan chicken wings to their menu. Well, one menu to be specific. The Beyond Fried Chicken options are currently only on offer in a KFC in Atlanta, along with all the delicious dipping sauces the meat-eaters have been hogging for so long. Annoyed that we can’t get guilt-free chicken here yet? Same TBH. But this is a testing period and it’s likely the menu will roll-out in other locations soon if the customer feedback is good enough.

When can we see Beyond Fried Chicken in South Africa?

KFC South Africa cannot confirm if or when the Beyond Fried Chicken will hit our shores. It all depends on how well it does overseas. Judging by the line around the block and the fact that the vegan items sold out within five hours at the launch it looks like the Beyond Fried Chicken is going to be popular though.

We all know that going vegan could help save the planet but it’s not as simple as just eliminating all meat and dairy from your diet, especially if you’re poor. Beyond Meat has been reaching out to fast-food chains, such as KFC and Subway, to provide vegan options for people who can’t afford to do their weekly shop at Wellness Warehouse and rely on takeaways for cheap, rounded (kinda) meals.

‘It’s not that interesting to me that really rich people eat super healthy food. It’s not moving the needle,’ says the Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown.

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