7 Crazy Cute Recipes to Celebrate National Cupcake Day With

Galaxy cupcakes ?.

It’s National Cupcake Day on the 28th of September and what better way to celebrate than to eat elaborately decorated mini cakes all day? Spreading some icing and adding a layer of Hundreds and Thousands just won’t cut it anymore though; cupcake decor these days is next level. Here are a few of our favourite recipes that you can try at home then take into the office to flex your piping skills with:

1. Succulent cupcakes

The Whoot

This tutorial shows you how to turn any cupcake into something that looks like if you touch it you’ll get a whole lot of cactus shards in your finger. Yum! But seriously, these succulent cupcakes look incredible and deceptively easy to make, provided you have one of those profesh piping bags.

2. Hi-hat cupcakes


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You know those cupcakes that have a ton of icing with a chocolate layer on top of it that cracks when you bite into it? Those are called hi-hat cupcakes and are easier to make than you think. Take your favourite cupcake recipe, pipe a decadent amount of icing on top, and dip into ganache. Here’s the step-by-step for you to try.

3. Sangria cupcakes


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Get inspired by everybody’s favourite red wine punch and whip up a batch of sangria cupcakes. They’re decorated with the fruit you’d usually put in the jug with your drink and the icing has actual red wine in it. Best served with more Sangria TBH.

4. Chocolate and raspberry volcano cupcakes


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Don’t stress if these cupcakes look like they’re flopping in the oven; they’re supposed to do that. Because they’re flourless the centre sinks in, giving them a volcanic look with oozing chocolate and raspberry. Also, because they don’t contain any flour also means they’re basically healthy and Banting-friendly, if you don’t count all the other ingredients.

5. Sunflower cupcakes


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The middle bit of these sunflower cupcakes is made of a mini Oreo dipped in ganache and sprinkles. And don’t worry too much about getting the petals looking perfect; Van Gogh’s looked weird as hell and people still loved them.

6. Galaxy cupcakes

Rosanna Pansino

All you need to make a batch of cupcakes that look intergalactic AF is blue, purple, pink and black frosting and a whole lot of sprinkles. And a massive piping bag to mix all the colours together in, as shown in this video.

7. Mermaid cupcakes

Tie-dye cupcake batter + a whole mermaid tail = summer cupcake goals. Chelsweets shows you how to create these pastel treats that look like a mermaid has just dived into them.

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