Maps Maponyane’s burger joint just earned a spot on this prestigious list

Maps goes global.

Maps Maponyane Buns Out

Most of us have been hanging out at the burger restaurant owned by Maps Maponyaneย purely hoping to catch his eye and/or win his hand in marriage. It turns out their food is pretty good too?! Bloomberg just published a list of the best burger restaurants in the world, and Buns Out is one of them.


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Not content with winning GQ’s Best Dressed Man or being named Sexiest South African Man by Cosmo, Maps recently forayed into the restaurant biz. Buns Out opened in Jo’burg last year and has been all over the TL thanks to Maps, a.k.a Abuti Buns, tweeting food porn every other day.

And now the restaurant is getting the international fame it deserves. Bloomberg put together a list of the best burger spots in the world, picked by Michelin-star chefs and other culinary snobs. Most of the restaurants named are based in the US and Europe, and Buns Out is the only South African restaurant to crack a nod. The list doesn’t discriminate based on price or fancy location (even fast-food chain In-N-Out featured); it’s all about the taste.

Lorna Maseko was the foodie influencer who put Bloomberg on the scent of Maps’ buns.ย  She says her choice was based on their broad variety, including vegetarian and vegan options, and their quirky names such as ‘Is It Brie You’re Looking For?’

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