4 Halloween party tips for a first-time host

Trick or treat, people???

Halloween party tips

Halloween party tips can get hella complicated, but the best parties are ones that cover the basics and have all your favourite people there. 

Whether you’re usually into low-key Halloween tricks, treats, scary movie marathons or finally building up the courage to peek inside that creepy house in your area – this Halloween cheat sheet covers all the bases. 

So little time, so many people to invite

Put together a guest list so that you know exactly how many people you’re expecting and how much food and booze to arrange. It’s simple but super-helpful when you’re trying to avoid over-catering and wasting your money and food.

Costumes are non-negotiable 

What’s a Halloween party without the costumes? Your party could have a genre-specific theme like comic books/series, or you could leave it up to your guests to determine their look. It’s often better to let the witches, mummies and Wednesday Adams of the world choose their own costume. Plus, having a best-dressed prize will give your friends an extra dose of encouragement to get into character.


Decor is everything 

It’s super-tricky to create just the right amount of spooky without coming across as cheesy or childish. So check out the Halloween Store, which has a wide variety of costumes, hanging props, bathroom decor and creepy crawlies. Or get creative with DIY Halloween decorations

Also, spend some time thinking about the lighting, candles, etc, to give your house an eerie feel. 

Create the hottest playlist 

If you can afford a local DJ, choose one that you know your friends love. If not, just create the hottest playlist ever. Include popular favourites, and local and international artists, and your friends will be happy. Some people might even pick songs to add to your playlist as the night goes on – which could be even better. 

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