Adulting Hard: Everything You Need to Know About Life Insurance

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I mean, where do you even start when it comes to life insurance? It’s one of those topics that we often file away for later. Sure, we’ve all heard of it, and know we need it, but it doesn’t always feature high on our to-do lists. Thankfully, 1Life Insurance has made the process super simple with their Pure Life cover. It’s something you can handle with just one quick call. Here are our top 5 reasons to choose 1Life:

1. No paperwork means no excuses

Take 5 minutes this week and call 1Life in your lunch break or on your way to the gym. It takes no time to just run through the basics with them and get signed up. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Do it, now. SMS LIFE to 45386 or visit 1life.co.za (Standard SMS rates apply. Ts&Cs online. FSP 24769)

2. Make the circle bigger

This is possibly the best reason to invest in life cover! You get to nominate up to 10 people who’ll get financial support in the event of your death. Families are no longer homogenous and it makes sense that you decide who gets financial support. This is a massive help if you are supporting extended family members.

3. Get tested, get covered

Unlike other insurance companies, the only medical requirement you need is an HIV test. If you don’t know your HIV status, this is a bonus for you. A quick swab is all the test requires and you’re on your way to getting life cover. It’s a big deal to not have to pay exorbitant fees for medical tests. It’s one of the biggest reasons many of us don’t bother with life insurance.

4. In it for the long haul

With increasing costs month on month and year on year across the board these days, you need not worry about your premiums going up for the first two years (24 months) with 1Life. That’s a really long time with no increase! At the end of the contract, it goes up by the smallest margin of 5% per year.

5. Cash when it matters

We all know the horror stories of loved ones who have passed on, had sound policies in place, but insurance companies delayed when it came to paying out. The costs of death are real. We all want to be able to take that pressure off our families when they are grieving and having to adjust to this big life change. 1Life offers immediate payouts to assist with funeral costs. That’s important.

Tip: When you’ve signed up for Life insurance, print out a copy of your policy and give it to someone you trust to keep at their house. Also, email a copy to your accountant or the lawyer who drew up your will. One word: adulting.

For more information, or for a quote, SMS LIFE to 45386 or visit 1life.co.za or connect with 1Life Insurance on social media:

Instagram: @1life_insurance

Facebook: @1Lifedirect

Twitter: @1life_insurance

This post was sponsored by 1Life Insurance.

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