Editor Holly Meadows on how to make an imperfect vacation perfect

‘It will forever be remembered as the girls’ trip where everything went wrong, for the right reasons.’

Holly Meadows October November letter

My last girls’ vacation was a total disaster. It began with the invites and being a weekend away for my 30th birthday (a good few years ago now), which meant limited numbers. To this day, my one friend still brings up the fact that she never cracked the nod – like a joke you know is really not a joke, but a sly bitch jab that’s getting tired now.

Not one restaurant reservation or sit-down dinner planned was honoured; instead, a two-day liquid binge-fest ensured that the itinerary was quite literally washed away with wine.

The ‘girl only, no boys’ rule I so steadfastly imposed in the name of bonding might as well have fallen on deaf ears. Somehow, on the second night, we managed to split in two, one half of the group joining a cricket club on tour next door (gallantly instigated by moi), the other gatecrashing a bachelor’s party at a pub.

The next day, I had to ask two male stragglers who were passed out on pool chairs in the garden to kindly leave so we could begin cleaning the house before checkout. Needless to say, our breakage deposit was not refunded.

Not one social-media-worthy photo was taken. Not a single one. Instead, my bag full of #OOTDs was barely touched and I was left with three blurry camera shots that were taken on our makeshift dance floor in the kitchen. However, I carry with me a memory bank full of LOL moments. Ask anyone of my friends about that vacation, and you’ll see a knowing glint in her eye. It will forever be remembered as the girls’ trip where everything went wrong, for the right reasons.

On the topic of getaways, the COSMO team travelled to Mauritius this month to shoot our cover star, Zinhle Jiyane, who, BTW, is here to remind us that she can have it all (and so can you).

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