Dalgona coffee: How to make the fluffy drink that’s gone viral

It’s suspiciously simple.

dalgona coffee recipe

Besides the obvious things like friends, family, and a moderate grip on our sanity, lockdown has us missing the little things. Like taking more than eight steps in a row, wearing shoes, and paying too much money for a delicious, foamy coffee. Sure, making your own coffee every morning saves money, but can you really put a price on good froth/having a cup of something cute enough to put on your Instastory?

You have probably seen a picture of something called dalgona coffee pop up on at least two of your social media feeds in the past week. The foamy and photogenic drink is delicious *and* cheap *and* easy to make. It uses ingredients you already have, which is why it’s popularity is peaking while everyone is stuck at home.


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Dalgona coffee, also known as whipped or beaten coffee has been around in India for years. It shot to fame recently though, after South Korean actor,  Jung Il-woo, made it on a celebrity cooking show. He named it ‘dalgona’ after a favourite Korean sweet that it reminded him of. From there, homemade versions of his drink began appearing online with the hashtag #dalgonacoffeechallenge. Once it made it to TikTok the beverage was officially viral.

How to make dalgona coffee

You will only need these ingredients:

  • Instant coffee
  • Sugar
  • Milk or a milk substitute
  • Hot water
  • A hand mixer (you can mix it manually but it’s tiring and doesn’t look as frothy)

The method, according to South Korean food vlogger Ddulgi:

Step 1

Mix equal parts hot water, sugar and coffee in a bowl (she recommends 2-3 tablespoons of each, depending on how full you want your drink). Make sure the water is hot enough to dissolve the sugar.

If you’re someone who tries to keep their sugar intake down then this might not be the drink for you. If you don’t add equal parts sugar then you won’t get the whipped peaks required to make this drink look photographable. Which is obviously the whole reason you’re making it.

Step 2

Use an electric hand mixer to whip your coffee-sugar mixture into peaks. It should take about three minutes on a medium setting.

Step 3

Fill a glass halfway with milk or a milk substitute and ice blocks.

Step 4

Gently spoon your coffee mixture on top of the milk and ice.

Step 5

Take many, many photos.

Step 6

Mix it up before you attempt to drink it, otherwise you’ll just be drinking a glass of milk and a kind of coffee meringue.

Step 7

Wait for the sugar and caffeine rush to hit at the same time.

Other variations include a matcha version…


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…a Milo version…


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…and whipping your coffee into cute shapes.


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