#COSMOTries: What I Learned From Replacing Coffee With Green Tea

It’s easier than you think.

Whether you’re a one cup a day kind of person, or are one of those ‘don’t talk to me until I’ve had my cup of coffee’-types, most of us are addicted to coffee on some level. to Although I wouldn’t describe myself as a ‘coffee addict’ I couldn’t tell you the last day I went without at least one cup of the stuff.

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The side effects coffee gives me are subtle, and it feels worth it to suck it up for the caffeine rush. But when drinking something makes you shaky, anxious and sweaty it’s probably your body’s way of saying ‘why are you doing this to me’. I tried cutting out the two to three cups of coffee I’ve become used to having every day and replaced them with cups of green tea. This is what I learned:


It’s not that bad

In fact, it wasn’t bad at all. I thought I’d be drained and exhausted but I saw no real difference in energy levels. When I drink coffee I usually have two to three cups a day, whereas I only had one cup of green tea a day. This could be because the caffeine in green tea is a more reasonable amount for a human to consume, and doesn’t make you crash after the buzz. This could also be because I find coffee more delicious and want to drink it more often. Either way I was consuming less caffeine, but still felt awake.

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It took some getting used to

On the first day I was grumpy (sorry @ everyone I came into contact with last Thursday) and had a headache until the late afternoon. These side-effects disappeared after the first day, however, and didn’t come back. The second hardest day was probably day four, when I was hungover AF. Coffee is my go-to for fixing my broken body after a night out and without it to help me through the hangover lasted way longer than usual. Was the green tea or the bottle and a half of wine I had to blame? Who could be sure.

There are different types

Some people like the taste of green tea whereas I think it’s pretty boring. Luckily tea-makers cater for those of us who like things to taste nice and there are plenty of flavoured green teas to keep us happy. My personal favourite was a mango and litchi-infused number I tried.


The best part of coffee is the milk

Hear me out. Without milk tea is basically just hot water. I realised that missed the thickness of coffee more than anything, because it makes you feel full and as though you’ve actually consumed something. Life became better when I discovered the world of tea lattes. Chai lattes are wildly under-appreciated, and matcha lattes are a good middle-ground between green tea and your precious flat whites. Experimenting with different milk types is also a fun way to distract yourself from the pain of missing coffee. A matcha latte made with coconut milk is the real MVP.

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You’ve been drinking green tea wrong

If you, like me, have always hated green tea because it’s too bitter (a more polite way of saying ‘this is disgusting, get it away from my mouth’) it’s probably because you’re making it wrong. When making ‘normal’ tea we usually leave the tea bag in for a bit then remove it and add milk before drinking it. For some reason when we make green tea we change our technique and leave the tea bag in. Not only does this mean you get a fright every time you sip your tea and the bag accidentally touches your lips, causing you to spill your tea (such a pity; I was *so* enjoying it) but it’s also incorrect. Tea bags should be left in for two minutes then removed. Any longer and it over brews, giving the tea that gross bitter taste. I couldn’t believe how different this makes the tea taste.


The caffeine rush from coffee is different

After a week of abstinence I surprisingly didn’t find myself gagging for a cup of coffee but had one anyway for the sake of wrapping up this experiment (also, green tea lattes were getting expensive). While I didn’t feel drained during my green tea diet, just reasonably energised, after my first cup of coffee I felt HYPED AF. My first hour after coffee there was a lot of leg jiggling, fast typing and some light sweating.

So, would I give up coffee and drink green tea for good? I’m not sure. I missed the ritual of brewing coffee every morning and most of all I missed the taste. I am definitely more open to trying different types of lightly caffeinated drinks now, but love my creamy lattes too much to give it up for good.

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