#COSMOTries Showmax – Here's What Happened

Anyone keen to binge-watch ‘Insecure’?

Have you ever tried to explain streaming to your parents? Like, ‘Okay, so it’s TV but it’s the Internet too’ or ‘No, Mom, there isn’t a schedule where you can just watch everything in one sitting’. And it’s not just your parents! There are real people out there, people your age and my age, who are genuinely still handing around The Handmaid’s Tale on flash drives! We found the only person in the COSMO office who isn’t already streaming all their fave series and got them to try Showmax – South Africa’s binge-worthy streaming service that offers you hours and hours of viewing pleasure.

#COSMOTries Showmax – Here’s What Happened


I tried Showmax for the first time and I’m here to share the gospel

I can afford it


And so can you! First of all, the first two weeks are free. In that time you can easily stream the whole season of Tali’s Wedding Diary. After that, it’s only R99 per month! That’s less than my weekly latte budget! And if you have DStv, you can get it for FREE on Premium.

It’s super-easy to set up


Let’s not get too technical. You go to the Showmax website, you sign up, you start watching. I’m talking a couple of minutes and you’re watching some of the best series and movies out there – both local and international.

You can download shows to watch later


You’ll need a Wi-Fi connection to stream episodes, but you can totally use your office Wi-Fi to download up to 25 episodes to your phone or tablet. It can be our little secret…

It’s got all the best shows!


From HBO and Hulu hits to the best of local content – I’m talking Being Bonang, Living The Dream With Somizi and Younger. I’ve also made some time to finally watch Insecure – howling, you guys! One of the things I love most about Showmax is their selection of local content – from Afrikaans dramas to reality shows giving us a BTS look at some of our fave local celebs.

So anyway, I’m hooked


I’ll be on my couch if you need me. Or if you want to, you know, have a Showmax marathon together?

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*This is a sponsored post. Brought to you by Showmax
*Showmax is available on iOS, Android, Chromecast, Apple TV, Explora, Samsung and LG Smart TVs

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