Things that are keeping the COSMO team sane during lockdown

Here are our COVID-19 comforts

lockdown, comforts, coronavirus, covid-19, COSMO team

South Africa is currently under a nationwide lockdown to try and prevent the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19. This means that many people in the country’s workforce (us included!) are working remotely. And without the daily face-to-face chats and having to stay cooped up indoors, many people feeling like they are on the brink of losing it. So how exactly is the COSMO team coping? Here are the products that are keeping us sane while in social isolation.

Holly Meadows – editor

‘Daily exercise! The first thing I do when I wake up is move. I’m loving YouTube workouts, especially the 40-minute cardio dance session by LA-based celebrity trainer, Simone de la Rue.’

Zipho Ntloko – senior beauty editor

‘Apart from copious amounts of bubbly (after hours, of course!), I am loving the new Bellabaci SOULFOOD Inner-Peace Crème – an aromatherapy body lotion – to keep my mind and body healthy.’

lockdown, comforts, coronavirus, covid-19, COSMO team

Lufuno Ramadwa – multimedia producer

‘Luckily I haven’t had much downtime to fill because work has been keeping me busy. But I do try to exercise and do some meditation each day to keep me healthy and centred.’


Ashleigh Engel – social media manager

‘TikTok has literally been my most welcome distraction, LOL! Also, I’ve been taking GNC Vitamin C tablets religiously (better safe than sorry, right?) and my kitty, Peaches, has also been keeping me entertained.’

@ash_engelKitty’s opinion of the ##corona ##lockdown 🙃 ##blackcat ##catsoftiktok♬ original sound – ash_engel

Muneeba Boltman – senior commercial copywriter

‘The practice of skincare is keeping me sane during lockdown. Anyone who knows me knows that I am *obsessed* with The Body Shop (they’re cruelty-free!), and a spritz of their Vitamin C Energising Face Mist before a Zoom meeting gives me an instant refresh.’

lockdown, comforts, coronavirus, covid-19, COSMO team

Shirley Padi – art director

‘I’m in lockdown with my kids, so we have regular jam sessions to make the time – theirs and mine – pass more quickly. I’ve also been making sure I do at least half an hour of skipping a day to keep my fitness levels up.’

Caryn Welby-Solomon – content producer

‘To pass the time that I’m not writing, I’ve been getting into some old ’90s/’00s teen dramas and reliving my youth. I’ve also been having random Houseparty chats with my friends and playing 30 Seconds with my family.’

lockdown, comforts, coronavirus, covid-19, COSMO team

Michelle Cory – senior commercial designer

‘Sticking to my normal routine is a big help. I try to do 1 000 skips and a 14-minute workout every day with my boyfriend which helps to combat anxiety and feel good. I am also reading when I wake up in the mornings – I am currently enjoying American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins.’

lockdown, comforts, coronavirus, covid-19, COSMO team

Sloane Poggenpoel – project manager

‘I’ve been keeping myself sane by having regular Houseparty sessions with my friends, participating in group workouts using the Nike Training Club App, and making sure that I get at least five minutes of sunshine on the daily.’


Helen Wallace – beauty & lifestyle writer

‘Being around my dogs 24/7 *always* helps to keep me sane, even when we are aren’t in the middle of a global pandemic. But I also stocked up on Yankee Candles just before lockdown and they help in making my work-from-home space more zen.’

lockdown, comforts, coronavirus, covid-19, COSMO team

Cleo Marcopoulos – fashion director

‘I’ve been getting in extra hugs from the fiancé, which has been really comforting. I’ve also been devouring loads of chocolate (will deal with that post-lockdown!) and binging Elite on Netflix.’

Melissa Attridge – lead managing editor

‘Other than music, having regular Zoom sessions to stay connected to my friends and family, and get acquainted with my new facial roller, yoga is (and was even pre-lockdown) my sanity. Fortunately, our classes have moved online, so I can still participate and see everyone I usually see at the studio.’

lockdown, comforts, coronavirus, covid-19, COSMO team

Candice Cook – chief copy editor

‘I am an anxious person, so lockdown has been hard, but there are a few things keeping me stable. Reading is one of them, and I have also started a 1000-piece puzzle (wish me luck!). Listening to music – specifically ’80s jams (don’t judge!) – while I work is also a huge help.’

Clare Robertson – fashion editor

‘Making sure that I maintain my morning routine is huge – showering, getting dress and doing my hair already makes me feel more together! My fleece gown has also become a huge comfort factor. I put it on when I’m feeling uneasy. Or cold, LOL.’

lockdown, comforts, coronavirus, covid-19, COSMO team

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