10 cool Christmas decor trends you’re gonna want to try this year

Florals? For Christmas? Groundbreaking.

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It’s officially Christmas season! (Never mind that I’ve been listening to Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’ since, well, September.) As soon as it’s socially acceptable, I start blasting my fave Christmas albums and decking the halls like Santa himself is coming to inspect. Too much tinsel? Never heard of her! An excessive amount of ornaments? Sorry, but the limit does not exist! And although Christmas is all about tradition (hello to the same stocking I’ve been using since I was 2), there’s still plenty of room to jump in on new Christmas decor ideas and popular colour trends.

Maybe you’ve got your own place to decorate for the first time and don’t want to use the same old kitschy decorations you grew up with (sorry, Mom). Or maybe you’re just looking to add something shiny and new to your already extensive collection of Christmas decorations. Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of Instagram, Pinterest, and blogger-approved looks that you can test out this year.

Here, I’ll give you an overview before we dive in. Christmas 2019 is gonna be all about the following: Blue (don’t worry, green and red and gold aren’t going anywhere, but you’ll be seeing lots of midnight blues and aquamarines in accent form), neutrals, sunflowers (yep! Those sunny yellow flowers!), and tiny trees. Honestly, it’s going to be hard not to incorporate all these design ideas into one holiday mess. I have faith in you, though. I know you’ll keep things chic for Santa. Now light up your fave Christmas candle and get decorating!

1 Sunflowers


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The sunflower Christmas tree trend has been growing in popularity over the last couple years, but it’s really having a moment in 2019. According to Pinterest’s holiday report, searches for the floral tree have increased 66% this year. And TBQH, I am here. For. It.

2 Neutrals


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If you’ve never strayed from the classic reds and greens at Christmastime, allow me to introduce you to something just a smidge more sophisticated: a totally neutral Christmas colour palette. You’ll be seeing neutral decor (especially for stockings!) all over the place this holiday season, in part because it minimises clashing.

3 Tiny trees


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If you’re living 365 days a year in a space that feels like it’s made for mice and the thought of adding a Christmas tree into the mix has you on the brink of breathing into a paper bag, do not stress. Pinterest has been popping with searches for ‘small Christmas trees’ this year and these tiny shrubs are extremely cute. What’s that saying, again? It’s not the size that matters, but how you use it?

4 Bold, colourful garlands


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A garland is a Christmas decor staple, but this year, you can fully ditch the typical greenery and tinsel and opt for something a bit more unusual—like the oversized, crazy-colourful pom poms, pictured here. Unlike the classic, understated garlands of yore, bold pom poms add a ton of fun spirit to your mantle.

5 Chunky knit tree skirts


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This year, trees demanded their own chunky-knit tree skirts. These guys look super warm and wintry, but as a heads up, you probably don’t want to use one if you have a real tree—unless you thoroughly enjoy picking needles out of your tree skirt on the daily.

6 Just greenery


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Seems like ‘less is more’ is the overarching philosophy of Christmas decor in 2019. (Which, yeah, might not be ideal for those of us who tend to be a lil extra.) The simple aesthetic extends to garland greenery this year, too. No need to load up your garland with pinecones and bobbles and ribbons—you’ll get the same festive feel if you keep it uncluttered and let the natural vibes shrine through.

7 Blue


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As I mentioned earlier, blue is going to be a major colour trend this Christmas. But fear not, I’m not recommending you deck your halls in headache-inducing teal. Focus on incorporating accents of aquamarine, deep midnight blue, and cerulean hues to give your decor a dash of glamour.

8 Minimalist ‘half’ wreaths


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If you’ve spent any time on Instagram lately, then you’ve probably noticed these deconstructed, modern-looking half wreaths. You can DIY it yourself—all you need is a macrame hoop, and the greenery or florals of your choice.

9 Boho-inspired accents


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People have been asking the Pinterest Powers-That-Be for boho Christmas inspiration a lot this year, with searches for ‘boho Christmas decor’ jumping up 65%. If you want to give your holiday setup a bit of boho flair, include tons of colourful and eclectic elements, and don’t shy away from patterns or handmade items.

10 Pops of plaid

Sure, plaid is always in style at Christmastime, but this year, you can expect to see the whole farmhouse aesthetic take over. If you’re nervous about going full country, you can add smaller, softer rustic touches throughout your home in items like stockings, or even your wrapping paper.

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