Charlize Theron just got her own South Africa-inspired flavour of chips

*Patiently waits for Doritos to replicate these for us*

Charlize Theron

Although Charlize Theron has a whole American accent, her heart is still in South Africa. And by heart, we mean taste buds. She tries to eat mostly plant-based healthy foods, but cheat days involve local staples like braai and chips. Now, a US chip company has combined two of her favourite things and made her very own chip flavour, inspired by her home country.


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‪This is what my dreams are made of. Thank you @SieteFoods for this delectable honor. PS – now PLEASE make this flavor now!!!‬

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Siete is well known in America for its grain-free tortilla chips, which are both vegan and paleo-friendly. Talk about some on-trend chips.

The brand knew Charlize was a fan and wanted to give her a taste of home. Their Chipotle BBQ got a South African makeover and the Chipotle Braai flavour was born. Chipotle is a huge deal in the US, both the flavour (it’s a smoked, dried jalapeño BTW) and the fast-food chain with the same name. So while we can’t get our hands on these chips here we can imagine they’re a smoky, meaty, braai-y flavour. Mmm.

In fact, no one can get their hands on these: they were made especially for Charlize. She did make a plea for Siete Foods to make them a thing, tweeting ‘now PLEASE make this flavor now!!!’. And although spelling ‘flavour’ like that is grounds for getting her citizenship revoked IMHO, it would be pretty cool if more people got to taste these braai-inspired chips.

The brand tweeted back ‘No matter how you gather with loved ones–whether it’s at a carne asada or braai–we’re honored to be at the table, celebrating with you.’ Aww.

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