The ‘cat taxi driver’ story on Twitter had us all pawsing for a minute

Twitter was in a frenzy!

Cat taxi driver

So South African social media was in a stir this weekend when someone posted about a taxi in Johannesburg that is supposedly driven by a cat. If that sounds crazy to you, you are not alone.

Twitter user @Thandoo_Zuma took to the social media platform to talk about the ‘cat-driven taxi’ that travels from Bree Street in JHB CBD to Fourways. This then caused other users to admit to having seen the same thing.

In the thread, Noluthando says that her friend had experienced the same thing. And that at one point her friend couldn’t feel his heartbeat.

Other social media users confirmed her story:

Twitter user king_Andriel provided his own thread wherein he explains that the cat is a man that ‘changes into a cat only in the eye of the selected.’

But of course, as South Africans do, some made light of the situation and posted memes, like the City of Johannesburg:

And then everyone else got into the action:

Either way, we are incredibly shook!

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