Can you still order your favourite takeaway during coronavirus lockdown?

KFC, we’re gonna miss you.

coronavirus lockdown South Africa

If you were hoping you could UberEats the pain away we’ve got bad news. Mmamoloko Kuyabi-Ngubane, our Minister of Tourism, released a statement to the restaurant industry that confirmed all restaurants, bars, cafes and coffee shops have to close up shop during the 21-day coronavirus lockdown:

The president has reassured us that South Africa’s food supply chain will keep going (i.e. *stop* panic buying, people). This means your grocery stores will continue to restock their shelves, even during the lockdown. So everyone with a room full of toilet paper should feel real silly rn.

Even though being able to order a poke bowl whenever you want off UberEats feels like an important human right that should never be taken away, unfortunately, restaurants are deemed ‘non-essential’. They will need to remain closed until 16th of April, and that includes your fav delivery services. Looks like we’re all about to up our cooking game.

You can still get your ingredients delivered though

While meals that have been prepared at a restaurant are not permitted to be delivered, ingredients are. Grocery stores, like Pick n Pay and Woolies, will still be delivering food during the lockdown, making it easier for us to stay home as much as possible.

And for those of us who haven’t brought water to the boil since UberEats was launched in South Africa? UCOOK is still here to hold your hand (*not* literally). Because it’s a food delivery service, not a restaurant, UCOOK will still be permitted to operate during the coronavirus lockdown.


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UCOOK has warehouses in Cape Town and Johannesburg and is only allowed to deliver to places in the surrounding areas.

So now there’s no need for you to eat 2-minute noodles and peanut butter sandwiches every day for 21 days. Get browsing through their menu and find something to look forward to; you deserve it.

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