You can now get booze delivered directly to your door

We’re never driving to the bottle store again.

Bottles app

It’s becoming easier and easier to never need to leave the house again. The Bottles app has launched in South Africa, meaning you can now order your favourite booze straight to your doorstep.


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Bottles is South Africa’s first and largest alcohol delivery app. While you are able to order booze through UberEats already, Bottles prides themselves on their broad selection. There are gin brands for days, a whole non-alcoholic section so no one feels left out of the gees, and even a wine club where you get 6 curated bottles of wine a month.

The app isn’t just about catering to those of us who are too lazy to swing by the bottle store but still want our wine ready and waiting when we get home. It also means no one has the excuse to be tempted to get behind the wheel when the braai has run dry. They even deliver ice, ‘cos no one ever remembers to bring ice.

Bottles app

Bottles deliver to most of Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban and Bloemfontein. They claim to deliver within 39 minutes, an impressive time which probably helped earn them the MTN App of the Year People’s Choice award last year.

So the next time you feel like an impromptu boozy Sunday/need champagne delivered to the office urgently/just wanna get lit but don’t wanna drive, download Bottles.

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