The best booze delivery services in SA during coronavirus

‘Cos we all deserve to take the edge off of life RN.

booze delivery apps South Africa

However you choose to cope with the coronavirus, we’re not judging you (as long as you’re staying 2m away from everyone). Whether you’re deep in the online workout game, ‘sending everyone lots of love‘ ala Kim Kardashian or just getting really into drinking wine, you do you. If you’re doing the latter but don’t want to risk going to the bottle store then don’t stress; there are multiple apps for that. These are the best booze delivery services in South Africa to help us through these dark, uncertain times:

Mr D


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In a time where no one wants to go to the grocery store, a good collection of food delivery apps on your phone is crucial. Did you know the Mr D app you’ve been using to get zinger wings delivered to your door also deals in booze? Your driver will head to Checkers Liquor for you and pick up whatever alcoholic treats you want (you can also add other essentials like matches, ice and chips!).


The Bottles app is here to meet all your drinking requirements, as well as mixers and snacks. So no need to ever leave the house again (until your body begs you for sustenance beyond wine and Lightly Salted Lays that is). They also regularly post cocktail recipe ideas on their Instagram, to help you add a bit of pizzazz to your solo drinking session.

Bar Keeper


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The Bar Keeper online store is just *chef’s sommelier’s kiss*. Whether you’re wanting a R12 can of beer or a beautiful bottle of craft gin, they have a huge variety and great prices. Delivery in Cape Town is R40 and R100 everywhere else in South Africa.



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That’s right; you can order more than luxe mugs and Smeg kettles from Yuppiechef. They have an impressive wine, craft beer and spirits selection. And, if you’re one of those people who are using self-isolation to get super into baking, have you considered getting super into cocktail-making? It’s like baking, but instead of getting sick from eating too much raw batter you get sick from getting too lit. Add a fancy cordial, some beautiful glasses, and one of those shaker things to your basket and you’re ready to be your own barman. Did somebody say vodka-infused ice lollies?!


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Quench are doing their bit to encourage people to stay at home by offering a whole lot of discounts during the coronavirus self-isolation period. Download their app to find out what specials are on today. Quench delivers to Western Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal.

While most of these apps usually boast a delivery time of 1 to 2 hours, it’s likely you’re going to be waiting a little longer due to everyone else having the same idea as you (face the apocalypse with a glass of wine in hand).

To minimise contact with your delivery driver, pay for your delivery beforehand and ask them to place your delivery on your doorstep if possible.

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