This is what books the COSMO SA team is reading while *social distancing*

A shopaholic, Oedipus and Michelle Obama…

COSMO team books read

During our time of social distancing, the COSMO team has been catching up on some reading. You know, because we can’t be out on these streets. And because we are a diverse group we have some different tastes, so we decided to share with you what books we think are worth a read.

All of our recs will be available to buy online below.

Here’s what books we are reading:

1. Zero to One – Peter Thiel

Zero to One books read

Fashion editor, Clare Robertson is reading Zero to One by Peter Thiel. The business book is about how to build a future startup by creating something new. It’s about how to take your business to the next level and to come up with the next great idea.

2. Becoming – Michelle Obama

becoming michelle obama books read

Fashion director, Cleo Marcopoulos is reading former US First Lady, Michelle Obama’s memoir. In Becoming, Michelle tells her story about creating an inclusive White House, becoming an advocate for women and girls around the world, and encouraging families to live healthier and active lives.

3. Heroes – Stephen Fry

Heroes - Stephen Fry books read

Beauty and lifestyle writer, Helen Wallace is reading Stephen Fry’s Heroes, which is the second book of his Mythos series. Heroes tells the classic stories of Greek mythology such as Jason and the Argonauts, Oedipus solving the Sphinx’s riddle, and how Bellerophon captures Pegasus. With Stephen Fry’s witty writing style, this is something any lover of history and mythology will enjoy.

4. Whisper Network – Chandler Baker
Whisper Network books read

Digital director, Jaime Waddington, is reading Whisper Network by Chandler Baker. Whisper Network tells the story of four women – Sloane, Ardie, Grace, and Rosalita whose boss is next in line to become their company’s CEO despite whispers surrounding the way he treats women. What happens when the four women decide that enough is enough?

5. A Springtime Affair – Katie Fforde

A springtime affair books read

Editor-in-chief Holly Meadows is reading the latest romance novel by Katie Fforde, A Springtime Affair. The novel tells the story of Gilly, who owns her family B&B, and has no interest in selling it until she meets a handsome estate agent, Leo. While Helena, Gilly’s daughter, is embarking on a budding romance of her own, with her new landlord, Jago.

6. American Dirt – Jeanine Cummins

American Dirt - Jeanine Cummins

Commercial designer, Michelle Cory, is reading American Dirt. American Dirt tells the story of a Mexican family as they attempt to flee from drug cartels after her husband publishes a tell-all about a drug lord.

7. Such a Fun Age – Kiley Reid

Such a Fun Age

Commercial copywriter, Muneeba Boltman is reading Such A Fun Age by Kiley Reid. The book is about a mother and her babysitter and the social dynamics around their relationship. The black babysitter Emira is black and a local supermarket security guard accuses her of kidnapping the white child. The incident is caught on camera and what happens next changes both women’s lives.


8. Christmas Shopaholic – Sophie Kinsella

christmas shopaholic

It might be a little late, but content producer Caryn Welby-Solomon is enjoying the latest adventure of Becky Bloomword in Sophie Kinsella’s Christmas Shopaholic. This fun comedic novel has Becky hosting Christmas for the first time and having to deal with her vegan sister, buying a creative gift for her husband and getting what her daughter Minnie really wants. What could go wrong?

You can shop all the above books here:


Zero to One - Peter Thiel


Every new creation goes from 0 to 1. This book is about how to get there.


Becoming - Michelle Obama


An intimate, powerful, and inspiring memoir by the former First Lady of the United States.


Heroes - Stephen Fry


The myths of the Ancient Greek heroes retold.


Whisper Network - Chandler Baker


Four women decide that enough is enough.


A Springtime Affair - Katie Fforde


It’s the season of new beginnings for Helena and Gilly.


American Dirt - Jeanine Cummins


The unforgettable story of a mother and son fleeing a drug-cartel to cross the US-Mexico border.


Such A Fun Age -


‘The most provocative page-turner of 2020’ – now a Sunday Times bestseller.


Christmas Shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella


The brilliant laugh-out-loud festive novel from the Number One bestselling author.


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