The best South African Christmas treats to buy this festive season

Because eating peppermint crisp tart shouldn’t be limited to only Christmas Day.

Christmas treats South Africa

Even if you’re not a Christmas person, you have to admit all the season specials and festive foods are somewhat worth hearing Boney M in every shop for two months. December is the time for gingerbread-flavoured drinks, cakes shaped like Santa Claus, and snowman-themed goodies (that are kinda comical in a South African setting TBH but still taste really good so we’ll take them). Here are our favourite Christmas treats RN:

A tray full of Christmassy doughnuts


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Never one to shy away from the opportunity to launch a novelty batch of doughnuts, Krispy Kreme have come through with the Christmassy goods this year. Even though most South Africans spend Christmas swimming and braai-ing, Krispy Kreme is ultimately an American brand so we still get snow-themed Christmas treats (but we would buy the hell out of a milk tart-themed Krispy Kreme… Just saying).

This year you can grab doughnuts shaped like a snowman (and filled with marshmallow), cranberry and almond topped doughnuts (complete with a festive candy cane), and two different types of peppermint crisp tart-inspired doughnuts. ‘Cos nothing says festive season in SA like peppermint crisp tart.

A cake that looks like Santa’s belly

Christmas food South Africa

Woolworths is your go-to shop for bougie puddings. For Christmas, they’re serving up some extremely Instagrammable treats, including cupcakes shaped like Rudolph and friends, little chocolate Christmas trees and a red velvet trifle. We’re particularly obsessed with this cake that looks like Father Christmas’s tummy and has a surprise golden centre.

These mince pies


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What would Christmas be without mince pies? Vida is serving up their own mince pies for the month so you can have a taste of Christmas tea time with your morning coffee.

A Christmas-infused hot drink


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Starbucks has a delicious range of festive hot drinks, like their toasted marshmallow hot chocolate, vanilla cardomon latte and a gingerbread latte (which you can buy served in a snowman-shaped cup!). They also have a special Christmas roast, infused with sweet mandarin & mulled spices, which makes an excellent last-minute present.

A DIY gingerbread house


YuppieChef is selling gingerbread house-making kits for Christmas and they look cute AF. Traditionally, making gingerbread houses is a children’s activity, but why should they get to have all the fun/Jelly Tots?!

These Christmas tree decorations filled with your favourite chocolates


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The Cadbury’s Festive range comes in polar bear, snowman, Father Christmas and Rudolph-printed tin baubles and is filled with mini bars of their Flake, Bubbly, Top Deck and Dairy Milk chocolates. There is also a limited edition version of white chocolate Whispers out *and* they’ve relaunched their Festive Whisper slab: a whole entire slab made out of Whispers balls.

A festive bucket


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While KFC doesn’t traditionally scream ‘Christmas cheer’, ’tis always the season to eat chicken out of a bucket. To celebrate Christmas they’ve launched their Festive Bucket. For R199,90 you’ll get 15 pieces of chicken and a free party set. That’s your picnic plates and cutlery sorted for the rest of the holidays.

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