5 Things You Need to STOP Doing if You Want to Be Happier

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1 Stop sweating the small stuff

I know it seems obvious, but sometimes we forget that logic can go a long way in relieving stress and unhappiness. Whatever it is that’s worrying you, seriously consider if it’s worth the amount of energy you’re spending on it. If it is, figure out a few options on how best to deal with it. If it’s really not worth it, make the concerted effort to put the issue to rest.


2 Have a social media cleanse

Person who seems to constantly be on holiday in some wild, majestic location: check. Person who boasts about ‘kicking ass’ at dream job while finding the time (and money) to party non-stop: check. Person who captions their selfies with Ghandi quotes: check.

Basically, there’s a lot on social media that has the potential to annoy you to your very core. Worse than that, there’s always someone to compare yourself to.

Take a break from your feeds by starting small. Instead of diving in to Instagram over your morning coffee, count your own, real, blessings before devouring someone’s posed ones.

3 Quit playing Pinocchio, Pinocchio

You know that thing that’s been niggling at you that you haven’t wanted to acknowledge or confront? Yeah we all have one. Whether it’s in your romantic relationship, friendships or work life, being dishonest to yourself or others will only feed your stress levels fabulously. The thing that seems hardest to say is often the thing that needs to be said most. Feed your sanity, not your anxiety. Here’s a guide to broaching a tough conversation.

4 … and constantly panicking about money

Because really, who isn’t? Start with the basics and budget very, very carefully. If this sounds daunting, fret not, millennial! There are tons of apps to help you kick ass when it comes to money matters.

If the problem isn’t poor budgeting but a poor salary, read through some tips on how to discuss a raise at work.


5 Work on your balance

I know 24 seems like too few hours in a day, but it’s important to spread yourself evenly. When last did you have a lazy catch-up with your friends or go on an actual date with your partner? All work and no play is inevitably going to leave you feeling unhappy. I know commitment is scary, but try planning things that bring you joy in advance and sticking to them.

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