3 Golden Rules of Road Safety

Ladies, listen up

Don’t text while driving. Take a break every 2 hours or 200km when travelling long distances. Make sure you crack a window to let in some fresh air while you drive. In general, stay woke on the roads ‘cause it’s the wild west out there. These are the kind of habits we all should start forming from the minute we get behind the wheel. Here are the three golden road safety rules we believe should become your non-negotiables.

1 Stay Focused

One of the main causes of road accidents in South Africa is driver distractions. Using a mobile phone is one of the biggest culprits, but there are a few more you should watch out for. Applying makeup while driving, setting GPS devices while driving and eating while driving are some of the other potentially life-threatening distractions. Seriously, no matter how much experience you have as a driver, one distraction at the wrong moment can have fatal consequences.

2 Watch Out for Pedestrians

Truth – just because there are road signs and zebra crossings and road rules doesn’t mean that pedestrians are going to obey them. In fact, you’re probably safer believing that pedestrians do not follow the rules. That way, you’ll always be alert and in tune to your surroundings and the people you share the road with, both on wheels and on foot. Pedestrians jaywalk, play dodgeball with cars and sometimes seem completely unaware that a car can cause fatal injury. It’s pointless raging about it. Instead, keep your eyes open, expect the unexpected and respect life by maintaining the correct speed and checking your mirrors.

3 Keep Your Phone Charged & Your Location Settings Switched On

Make sure those charging bars are stacked way up high before you head out, and turn on your location settings – we’ll tell you why. In the unfortunate event that you are involved in a car accident, you need to be able to call emergency services. If you’re a 1st for women policyholder, you can access Accident and Roadside Assistance via the app. Help is only a tap away. But what if you’re rendered unconscious? That’s where the 1st for Women app kicks it up a notch. ICYMI, the app includes a mobile crash detector that detects if you are in a severe accident and sends emergency medical services to your location. The mobile crash detector benefit is available to all comprehensive and off-road vehicle policyholders. It’s a lifeline that every woman should have – just in case.

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