10 Weird AF Good-Luck Superstitions

You’re gonna need an acorn, a cactus and a horse shoe

We already know not to walk under ladders, smash mirrors or step on the cracks on the pavement in case something bad may happen. But what can we do to actually bring good luck in? Making sensible decisions and living life responsibly would probably be a good start, but buying a cactus to ward off evil seems easier and more fun!

The Irish take the cake for superstitions – they sure have a lot of irrational rules to live by. Did you know if your tooth falls out you should put it on your windowsill overnight, and if it’s gone in the morning you’ll have good luck? Losing a tooth over the age of 12 feels like pretty bad luck to start with IMHO… Another Irish superstition is that brides should wear bells to shoo away any evil spirits who might ruin their wedding. They’re also responsible for the idea of four-leafed clovers and believing that finding coins on the floor brings luck. Here are a few other superstitions from around the world. Do they work? Who knows, but it’s worth a shot:

1 Don’t ‘cheers’ with a glass of water

Cheers-ing your friends before you drink is a way of wishing good health on each other. But a superstition harking back to ancient Greece states you should never clink glasses when your glass just has water in it. Apparently it’s like wishing death on you and/or your friends. Hectic. All the more reason to get lit.


2 Go to hospital on a Wednesday

If you must go to hospital, try to delay your emergency to a Wednesday, which is apparently the luckiest day to go in. And whatever you do, don’t get discharged on a Saturday otherwise you’ll apparently be back again soon.

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3 Hang up a horse shoe

You already know that horse shoes are considered lucky, but do you know why? They used to be secured with seven nails, and seven has long been considered a lucky number. Apparently evil beings like goblins are afraid of the iron they’re made out of, so if you have nightmares about Griphook and the rest of the Gringotts gang coming into your house, you’d do well to hang up a horse shoe.

4 Spill some water

If someone you know is down on their luck, spill a bit of water behind them. It’s a Serbian superstition that will apparently bring them success. If you’re in drought-stricken Cape Town, maybe stick to the horse shoe thing rather.

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5 Baptise new babies with cheese

If you or one of your friends is pregnant, skip the trip to the Cotton On kids’ section and head to a grocery shop instead to get something called a ‘groaning cheese’. This superstition started in Medieval England and involves celebrating a birth with a massive wheel of cheese (they didn’t have Salticrax back in the day, but they probably would have wanted you to have those too).

Once the baby is born (after the mother has done a lot of labour-induced groaning, hence the name), everyone celebrates by eating the cheese from the inside until just the outer ring is left. For extra luck, you should pass the baby through the ring of rind afterwards.


6 Carry an acorn

If you can’t afford Botox, fear not – an acorn will do the trick. Apparently. Women in Ancient Britain thought that carrying an acorn in your pocket would keep you forever young. Sounds a whole lot cheaper than hyaluronic acid.

7 Enter with your right foot

The Spanish believe that entering a room or starting the day on your left foot is bad luck. To counter this, you can make the sign of the cross three times, and try leading with your right foot for good luck.

8 Sleep with your head in a south or east direction

To ward off death and bad luck, don’t sleep with your head on the north side of your bed. In Japan it is the direction that the dead face in their graves and in India it’s believed that sleeping in this direction causes ill health, bad sleep and makes you miserable. Dust off the ol’ compass we all totally have lying around (kidding, download a compass app) and figure out where south or east is to be safe.

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9 Embrace the bird poop

It’s a Russian belief that a bird crapping on you will bring good luck. If you’re in desperate need of luck, buy some Steers chips and sit outside at the Waterfront or a beach. The seagulls will be along shortly.

10 Buy a cactus

Some people believe that a cactus works well to keep evil away from your house, especially when placed by doors and windows. Thank goodness house plants are so trendy RN.

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