10 Things You Need to Buy to Amp up Your Uni Res Room

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While the only thing on your mind right now might be summer holiday (yay!), it may be worth thinking about how you’re planning on decorating the one room you’re going to be spending a lot of time in, come the new school year. Keep reading for 10 items you can buy RN that’ll take your res room from ‘meh’ to ‘yas’!

1 A cute rug

Add some character to your room with a cute and totally on-trend textured rug like this one from MRP Home.

2 A comfy chair

Speaking of texture, mix things up with a chair with a textured material like velvet. Pretty and practical!

3 Over the door mirror

Let’s be real, it’s not likely that you’ll have a ton of space in your dorm room which means that space-saving décor like this over the door is a perfect way to maximise your space but still get what you need.

4 Lamp

5 A pot plant

Did you know that certain plants, like the delicious monster, purify the air which assists in preventing illness, easing tension and stress leading to improved concentration and creativity, increased productivity and overall well-being. We’ll take all the delicious monsters we can get, thanks!

6 Wall art

A piece of wall art is a super easy way to decorate a space by doing very little. Choose a piece of art that 1) complements the colour scheme you’ve got going on and 2) something you wouldn’t mind looking at all day.

7 Fairy Lights

Because they make everything look better and are whimsical AF.

8 A year planner

Yes yes, we know we can save events to our calendars on our phones (and even set reminders) but plans, due dates, etc. don’t mean anything unless they’re written down on paper with ink!


9 Wire clip noticeboard

Need to stay organised and save space? A wire clip notice board like this one from Typo is perfect for all sorts of lists, pics of your nearest and dearest and more!

10 Striped duvet cover set

Essentials don’t have to be boring, babes. Opt for a fun, colourful or printed duvet cover set to brighten your room and show off a little bit about who you are.

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