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We Can’t Stop “Aww!”-ing Over 2019’s Most Popular Baby Names

We Can’t Stop “Aww!”-ing Over 2019’s Most Popular Baby Names

LIFE The Man Who Was Masturbating At the Virgin Active Gym Has Been Banned for Life - Caryn Welby-Solomon | 20 May 2019 | 04:24pm

It is what he deserves. Dayum.

LIFE Saray Khumalo Becomes the First Black African Woman to Conquer Everest - Caryn Welby-Solomon | 17 May 2019 | 02:44pm

To new heights! ⛰️

LIFE Book Review: Nicola Yoon Turns What Could Have Been a Trite Romance into Something Wonderful in 'The Sun Is Also a Star' - COSMO | 13 May 2019 | 04:47pm

This is a must read. 🌞🌟

LIFE 9 Things People Don't Tell You About Moving Back Home - COSMO | 10 May 2019 | 12:11pm

No more sneaky sleepovers.

LIFE The Videos of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris Burning Are Absolutely Horrific - COSMO | 16 April 2019 | 11:16am

Reports say the roof of the cathedral has 'entirely collapsed.'

CELEBS Here's What's Coming to Netflix in April 2019 - Caryn Welby-Solomon | 27 March 2019 | 03:22pm

Are you ready to fall in love with Noah Centineo again?

LIFE How to Plan a Group Trip Successfully - Christy Chilimigras | 26 March 2019 | 03:25pm

So you don't, you know, murder anyone before you even get there

LIFE I Used My Cellphone From 1999 for a Month to 'Reconnect' to Life. Spoiler: It Was Horrible - COSMO | 26 March 2019 | 02:30pm

'It simply left me feeling utterly disconnected.'

DRIVE What You Should Know Before Letting Friends and Family Borrow Your Car - COSMO | 25 March 2019 | 09:33am

What happens if the person who borrowed your vehicle is in an accident?

DRIVE How to Register a Car in Your Name - COSMO | 22 March 2019 | 02:15pm

Here’s what you need to know about licencing and registering a car in your nam

LIFE How to Watch Netflix During Load Shedding - Caryn Welby-Solomon | 20 March 2019 | 04:38pm

Eskom ain't going to stop us watching The Umbrella Academy!

LIFE 8 Simple Steps to De-Clutter Your Life - Andie Reeves | 20 March 2019 | 07:25am

...and even make a bit of cash from it.