7 Reasons to Buy the February Issue of COSMO

It’s on shelves now!

1 Ci Ci kills it on our cover and reminds us why ‘it’s important to have standards’


In a world exclusive, mega-star Ciara talks about being a woman of colour in the entertainment industry, living her dreams, and that decision not to have sex… ?

2 Want a new job? We’ve got the inside scoop on how to get your name on the payroll
Fighting it out on job websites and firing off e-mails with your CV is so last year. Today you need to think outside the box to land your dream job. Buy the February issue of COSMO and find out exactly where to start.

3 Sex to blow your mind – the how, when and where


No more excuses for defaulting to boring missionary. We present to you your ultimate COSMOsutra – spicy positions according to your star sign, date type and relationship stage. All this and more in the February issue of COSMO.

4 Get him to open up
Most guys would rather endure a Housewives marathon than reveal their true feels. But don’t try nagging it out of him: in the February issue of COSMO, we have tactics that will make your man want to talk about his emotions – with no vodka required!?

5 Mile high: jet-setting style to upgrade you to first class
Let fashion take flight in monochrome separates and luxe carry-ons. Prepare to join the jet set with our to-die-for outfits, available inside February COSMO.

6 Gorgeous guys, sexy scents: hot AF pages you NEED to see!


Consider it our most scentual story ever: four of the hottest guys we know, each paired with the sexiest-smelling fragrances evah. You’re welcome!

7 Your complete guide to the single South African guy PLUS the second-date secret: how to totally nail it


We’ve crunched the numbers for you… Get your guide to SA’s modern-day (SINGLE) man – who he is, what he likes and where you’re likely to find him.

The February issue is on shelves today – grab your copy RN!

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