What NOT to do at Work

The workplace has plenty of DOs, but here are the DON’Ts.

There are some things that just shouldn’t be done in an office environment, no matter what the circumstance. Steer clear of these mistakes in the workplace and become Employee of the Month in no time!

Don’t do anything out of anger or revenge

So you and your boss just can’t agree on anything. You spent weeks working on a presentation, but the boss has totally shut you down. You’re absolutely livid, but no matter how furious you are, don’t do anything rash. Behaving out of a negative emotion is a sure way to end up in a situation you definitely don’t want to be in.

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Don’t badmouth your co-workers

Saying negative things about people in your office to people in your office is a big, fat no-no. Not only is it possible for the wrong ears to overhear your harsh comments, but it’s just downright unprofessional. Save the co-worker complaints for Sunday brunch with the BFF.

Don’t lose your temper in an open or cubicle area

No matter how furious you are, freaking out in an environment where literally everyone will see you sweat is the worst decision you could make. Take deep breaths, calm yourself down, then tackle the situation head-on – but only with the person you have a problem with, not with an entire audience.

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Don’t email someone with a complaint if that person is in the same office – when possible, tackle issues in person.

It’s always better to settle issues head-on rather than hiding behind the comfort of a computer. Face to face interaction is much better for facilitating rational debate. Discussing things in person will give both you and your co-worker the opportunity to speak your minds openly, and the chances of reaching a solution that keeps everyone satisfied are much higher.

Don’t ignore the office cleaner

This is just a testament to your basic manners. Every day you see the office cleaner emptying out your dustbin or vacuuming the carpet. Don’t ignore her or him! A friendly smile and greeting is enough. It’s polite and decent and you won’t come across as a Haughty Helga that will scare away the interns.

Don’t come to work contagiously ill

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a warranted sick-day every now and again. If you’re hacking your lungs out and feeling like death, don’t you dare drag your butt to the workplace. There’s nothing ‘noble’ about insisting on working through the agony – you’re just being a hazard to your co-workers.

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Don’t dress for the sexy cocktail party you’ll be going to after work

It’s Friday, and the second 5pm hits you’ll be sprinting out of the office for drinks with the girls. You don’t feel like stopping off at home first; you want to party right now. Unfortunately, the slinky red dress and sky-high platforms probably aren’t workplace appropriate. Rather bring your change of clothes to the office with you.

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