Time for a Reality Check – the Gender Pay Gap is Still Screwing Us Over

It’s 2017 and women are STILL being paid less than men?!

For those who still say the gender pay gap is a myth, listen up.

Hey, it’s okay to not be a #girlboss. Not all of us are outchea breaking glass ceilings and hustling for cut-throat positions with fat paycheques. But something that’s not okay is the omnipresent pay gap between the genders.

Despite women currently being more educated than men, we’re still struggling to level the paying field.


Women are the most under-represented group in the social and political processes that make the world go round. We’re barely included (if at all) in reform and redress and lack opportunities in entrepreneurship.

Pretty much all women still experience discrimination for the work we do. We make up a significant portion of the labour force and yet we still remain marginalised when it comes to how much we earn.



Policies, like maternity leave, surrounding productivity make it difficult for women to bounce back on the career track after giving birth. Not only do loopholes in legislation mean men get ahead without prejudice, but gender roles reinforced by stereotypes lead to women either being harassed and intimated in the office or made to sit on the sidelines.

Either women are perceived as ‘aggressive’ when men are labelled as ‘ambitious’ or as mere bodies up for consumption. Either way, we seem to lose, and unbeknownst to the purveyors of gender inequality, we all suffer the consequences of excluding women in the economy and elsewhere.


A report conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris found that if there were equal opportunities for women and men in entrepreneurship, the global GDP ‘could rise by two percent, equivalent to about $1.5-trillion’.

Given the opportunity for real empowerment, women can change the world – literally.

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