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Hi, nice to meet you, I am the COSMOPOLITAN digital intern – a 20-year-old student at Leeds University in England, trying my hand at working life.

I have one year left of my ‘New Media and Communications’ degree, and then that’s me, done – out into the real world of trying to bag that job that 2 000 other wannabe journalists want.

Nervous? Yes. Excited? Yes. Scared? Nah…. not so much.

Being ‘The Intern’ While you’re gaining invaluable insight, the company is benefitting from your contribution, fresh approach and younger, more contemporary viewpoint. By putting yourself out there, you are also networking with professionals in your chosen field, which in some cases, can help you secure employment in the future. Remember… if you don’t not end up working in your dream environment (like the Digital department of COSMOPOLITAN), it’s not the end of the world. Wherever you manage to get your internship, you’ll still pick up some important pointers about how things work in the ‘real world’. Participate and learn as much as you can… even if you do end up making the tea.
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A Win-Win Scenario

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