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Hi, nice to meet you, I am the COSMOPOLITAN digital intern – a 20-year-old student at Leeds University in England, trying my hand at working life.

I have one year left of my ‘New Media and Communications’ degree, and then that’s me, done – out into the real world of trying to bag that job that 2 000 other wannabe journalists want.

Nervous? Yes. Excited? Yes. Scared? Nah…. not so much.

Being ‘The Intern’ To seek out intern opportunities, start following companies you want to work for using social networks. Companies are now using their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages to advertise up-and-coming job opportunities. If you haven’t heard of LinkedIn before, it’s is a social networking site dedicated to the workplace – almost like an online CV, complete with references – which any potential employer can access.

‘LinkedIn has recruitment activities for interns, so it would be advisable to do a bit of research and set up a professional profile for yourself where you can network with professionals in your chosen field, as well as seek guidance on interning opportunities,’ advises Swanepoel. Another way you can go about seeking internships is by contacting the companies independently and requesting work experience in your preferred area. Although you may not get a reply from your first attempt, being ambitious and tenacious are key.

Seek Out Your Internship
Be The Best You Can Be
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