Get That Life: Moyin Oloruntoba – Vlogger & Presenter

She is self-taught via YouTube

Ever fancied a career as a vlogger (video blogger), creating your own YouTube channel or rocking it as a TV presenter? Meet Moyin Oloruntoba, the superstar behind The A1, a YouTube channel bringing you the best in local celeb news. With over 5,800 subscribers and counting, Oloruntoba is proof you can create your own success story with just a camera, an Internet connection and great content.

How did you get started on YouTube?

‘Well, my start is unconventional! I’ve always loved entertainment reporting and wanted to move from being a digital strategist to an entertainment reporter, but I didn’t study media or journalism (I’m a marketing graduate), and there weren’t a lot of opportunities to get into the media industry. So I took to YouTube (a platform that I’ve loved for years) and started my own channel about African celebrity entertainment.

‘From there, thousands of people started watching my videos and through my channel, I’ve gotten opportunities to present on TV and produce content for other brands.’

What training do you have?

‘Honestly, all my training is from YouTube. I have a marketing degree, but for what I’m doing, I’m self-taught. I’ve watched so many tutorials on YouTube, but I think what also helped me is that I’m passionate about production and presenting, and I’ve invested a lot of time in learning about it – even before I started The A1. For presenting, I’ve also done some vocal training to help me.’

How did you fund your training?

‘I’ve been working since I was 15. My parents taught me the value of saving, so I started saving from a young age. I also worked while studying at university (my parents paid for my university tuition) – from waitressing (my first job) to working for the World Cup to being a sales assistant at a fashion store to running a pizza restaurant.’

What can someone do to help supplement their training or experience?

‘You can shadow people who are in the industry. When I started my YouTube channel and had to interview celebrities, I always studied the presenters: how they walked in, how they greeted everyone, how they spoke, if they did vocal warm ups before their interview. That was my shadowing; but I’ve also been able to see the production side of TV shows, so that helped too. Any opportunity to see the job in action, do so!’

What is a must in terms of training or experience to get into the industry?

‘The only must is to continually better your craft and study the industry you are in. The media industry doesn’t have a clear cut way to enter the industry, so try and get internships, enter competitions, learn from as many people you can in the industry.’

What are the main skills needed for TV/YouTube/presenting?

‘A good understanding of social media and analytics, plus the thinking behind strong content creation. You also need to be constantly be on the pulse of things because technology changes quickly.’

What should everyone know going into the industry?

‘That you’re not going to get rich quickly! The media industry is an attractive one for a lot of people, but it’s a lot of work and often the rewards are only seen after a number of years. There are no set working hours, so your days and nights could often be longer than in other industries. Work hard, be focused on your own lane and be disciplined.’

How do you earn from your YouTube channel?

‘Earning, through advertising and sponsored content, is all based on your views, engagement and number of subscribers on your channel – so you need to build these up first before you can expect to make any money. A good place to start is Webfluential: they take the stats of your blog, YouTube channel and social media pages and then recommend an amount for you to charge people for your work.’

What’s your best piece of advice for career?

‘Nothing comes overnight. Your path will be very different from the next person’s, so don’t lose heart; don’t compare yourself to the next person. Continue to create good content, put on your business hat and keep at it.’

Some great resources if you want to learn to vlog:

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