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You’ve been looking forward to this forever – no more horrid school uniform, annoying curfew and parents on your case about everything. Now, finally, you are free to be the adult you know you are… except that this building’s numbering system makes no sense at all, your work load for the term is insane, and – though you wouldn’t admit to anyone – you really miss your mom. Starting varsity or tech is an exciting, challenging and pretty terrifying time. Here, Birgit Schreiber, psychologist and director of the Centre for Student Support Services at the University of the Western Cape gives some tips on how to cope.

Am I Doing The Right Course? Well, you’ll have to – bearing in mind that your student loan will have to be paid back. By you. And it will hurt because in your first few years of work you won’t be earning very much money. Being an adult (yes, that word again) means practicing delayed gratification, and understanding the meaning of priorities. Which means skipping the expensive cocktail bar and not even looking at those cute Miu Miu pumps.

Says Birgit, ‘Financial independence is something that needs to be learnt, and students have to learn to manage their independence, including financial autonomy. It’s important to define priorities and make personal decisions which make sense. Societal norms of consumerism and peer pressure to dress in labels need to be thought about, and it’s important to manage decisions consciously and intentionally.’ When you’re a successful property developer you can go to all the cocktail bars you like but, for now, they’ll have to wait.

Was Res The Right Option?
This Workload Is Insane – How Am I Going To Cope?
Am I Going To Be Able To Stick To My Budget?
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