Women Who Are Boss Ladies in the Making Have These 3 Qualities

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Efficiency. Tenacity. A tough skin etc. etc. etc. You’ve probably read the kind of post before that lists the qualities that entrepreneurs should have, but here’s the reality – female entrepreneurs need a specialised set of skills to make it big in what is arguably still a male-dominated arena. Yes, we are perfectly equipped to work as hard and play as hard as men, but there are a few traits that are specifically evident in women who are destined to make it big in business. Here are three qualities that these boss ladies possess.

You’re a Goal-setter

The most effective female leaders have clearly defined goals. They’re the kind of women who don’t care if their friends think the vision board on their fridge looks cheesy. They’re the kind of women who don’t just create to-do lists incessantly, they make a point of ticking off the items on those lists by the hour, on the hour. They may even be a tad OCD. But it’s totes okay – a little bit of OCD never hurt anyone right? Goal-setting is a powerful tool for female entrepreneurs because it’s a way to get grounded and feel centred. As women, we’re often being pulled in 101 directions – friends, family, social life, health… We are the ultimate multi-taskers but that sometimes means that we can lose focus and get distracted. The best leaders know how to stay on track in a world full of noise.

You’re Assertive

Let’s get real for a hot second, shall we? Female leaders have often expressed that they are accused (by males with chauvinistic tendencies) of being “too emotional” and “taking things personally.” Enough already. It’s time to get assertive. We’re talking about becoming a good communicator that is able to own your feelings and work through the uncomfortable ones without becoming defensive or snappy. Don’t allow anyone to talk down to you and push back when you feel like you’re being taken advantage of. When you set boundaries, respect them and show the world that “so far and no further.” At the same time, don’t be afraid to show your caring, compassionate side. Being empathetic and kind-hearted is not a weakness, it’s a strength. Head up, shoulders back, put on a smile and strut your way to success.

You’re Accepting of Your Weaknesses

You may feel like a superwoman but deep down you know you have some challenges that you haven’t quite owned yet. Knowing what you’re naturally good at and what you struggle with, is important, especially when it comes to delegation. When you’re able to honestly acknowledge your weaknesses, you’re able to ask for the right kind of help. Effective female leaders know how to take the ego out of businesses and reach out to people who may be better equipped to deal with particular problems. Weaknesses don’t need to be aspects of your character that hold you back – they’re opportunities for growth and personal development. Embrace them – you’ll be better for it.

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