Want to Be SA's Next Tech Leader? Apply to Win a Bursary With CodeSpace Academy

It’s time to future-proof your job prospects with coding.

There’s a massive gender gap in tech: fewer women than men are studying computer science, and the vast majority of positions in the industry continue to be filled by white men, while only 20% are held by women. But, as the tech industry rapidly expands, there are worlds of opportunity opening up: far from the fear-mongering reports that robots are here to steal our jobs, more reliable research suggests that fields such as artificial intelligence will create employment opportunities.

Want to be South Africa’s next tech leader? Here is your chance to apply to win an incredible bursary with CodeSpaceCodeSpace powers Code for Cape Town, whose mission is to empower young women to become future tech leaders and find the communities in which they can grow and share their skills.

Whether animating educational games, creating the technology that allows payments online and money transfers across borders, or building the beautiful sites that big brands use to sell their products coding can access these opportunities. As awareness grows that learning to code is big business – and nothing short of an essential skill for many – there’s been an explosion in the number of options available to suit your schedule and learning style. This means that taking your first step in coding education is fairly accessible, and often won’t cost a thing.


What is CodeSpace?

‘At CodeSpace Academy you’ll learn how to code but more importantly, you will learn how to learn.’ says academy Co-Founder Emma Dicks in the May/June issue of Cosmopolitan. CodeSpace’s vision is to enable people to learn, unlearn and relearn so that they become active contributors within an ever-changing global economy. Courses range from Web Acadamy and Web Development Intensive, all between 4 weeks and 15 weeks.

Apply to win an incredible bursary with CodeSpace.

Fill in the form below and provide a 250-word motivation explaining why you think you should be the bursary winner. State which course you would like to apply for and provide a reason.

Apply here to win a bursary with CodeSpace Academy.

Please see our Terms and Conditions.

Applications close 15 July 2019.

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