5 Tips to Help You Get That Promotion You’ve Beeeen Waiting for

Sis, you’ve been waiting, now go get it ?

How to get the promotion you've been waiting for

Getting promoted requires a lot more than just hard work. Although there is no specific method to guarantee your promotion, there are a few things you could do to ensure that you are recognised, proving your value and taking steps toward your professional growth. The most important thing to remember is that having discussions about your salary or potential promotion during reviews is too late, you need to have this conversation way before.

1. Communicate Your Goals and Contributions

This is the moment to be transparent about your goals and don’t hold back on the humble-brag. You want your boss to know about your contributions to your department and the impact your role has had in various aspects of projects. Being promoted not only comes with a salary adjustment but with more responsibilities too. So your boss is going to want to see that you’re ready to handle more and that you’ve taken initiative and steps before that have helped your team or company in general.

Do some research or talk to other employees who hold the position you’re working toward to get a sense of their responsibilities so that you’re able to communicate your professional goals with your boss. 

2. Be Confident and Take Initiative

Solely being hyper-focused on your list of responsibilities is not bad but it won’t be enough to set you apart from other employees. Be confident about your ideas, be willing to assist in small tasks that don’t necessarily fall within your role and then take the initiative to follow through on your ideas.

This behaviour shows your boss that you are invested and willing to do more than what’s expected – and when it comes to your review your actions will hopefully be top of mind. 

3. Your Attitude Can Make or Break It 

Your attitude is just as important as skills and competence in the pursuit of professional growth. When considering a promotion employers often look to people who have earned the respect of their peers and management.

To create a productive and positive environment, your boss will look to someone who other employees will commend for the promotion and that you’ve mastered all areas in your current role. Essentially, work hard, be a team player with a good attitude and focus on championing your current tasks.

4. Don’t Overdo The Overtime 

You might assume that working longer hours will get you noticed but it might not get the type of attention you were hoping for. As we know, there’s a difference between working hard and working smart and the same goes for being busy vs being productive.

Overdoing the overtime could make it seem that you are not able to handle your responsibilities within a given time (obviously, there are many factors to take into consideration here). But more so, work stress can negatively affect your self-care. Having balance is important so that when you do get that promotion you won’t be burnt-out and mentally exhausted.   

5. Smart Money Talk 

When you’re motivating for a pay raise or promotion, be the first one to talk numbers instead of waiting for your boss to do so. You might be left with a number you weren’t anticipating and motivating could be difficult. When talking money, always ensure that you’ve done your research, you’ve done a salary comparison within your industry and your work speaks in favour of your promotion.

You want to demonstrate that you’re putting forward an informed number so that your promotion and salary discussion is transparent.

Extra Tip: Be Clear About What Your Promotion Entails 

Having a clear idea of what the next step is in your growth is worthwhile to you and your boss so that you can demonstrate that you have the necessary skills. Research job descriptions for higher roles in different companies which can help you when asking for your promotion. You’ll also be able to identify if you need additional skills for the next level of your job.

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