9 Tips to Get a Job in the PR Industry According to a Public Relations CEO

Take notes and slay.

The PR game is not for the faint-hearted. It is a thrilling and often busy industry that needs you on your A-game. By definition, a public relations practitioner, ‘uses different forms of communication to establish efficient two-way interaction between the company and other groups of people’. Want to know how to get a job in the PR industry, or build a career that you love?

One-eyed Jack is an award-winning marketing, communications and activation agency for the entertainment industry. Here are seven tips from founding member of One-eyed Jack, Manuela Dias de Deus that are centred on setting the foundation that will make you stand out and help get you that dream job.

1 Stay true

Get your qualification, then investigate the type of PR you’d like to do and set your sights on a career doing just that. I’m a fan of music and festivals, so publicising events, artists and brands that play in the lifestyle space come naturally to me. When you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like you’re actually working as every day is fun when you’re spending it with likeminded people right? A career in financial, pharmaceutical or crisis comms requires a different type of training and expertise.


2 Know your sh*t

Stay abreast of the media platforms operating in your industry. Consume information; live and breathe it. Build your profile and make a name for yourself. Attend industry events, read, watch, scroll, absorb. Blogs, magazines, programmes, shows. Know what’s out there, who’s writing it and what content they’re keen on getting.

3 Build relationships

Once you know which journalist wants what and by when- become their best friend. Relationships are where it’s at. The journalist needs peace of mind that you’ll get them their story on deadline, so be dependable. And give them a good piece of content of course.


4 Hone your skills

Know the basics (you’ve got to be a good writer for example), and then become great at whatever your strongest skillset is. From pitching a story and getting it published, to originating great pieces, to conceptualising cracking campaigns. Not everyone’s an extrovert and that’s okay, it’s often the quiet ‘do-ers’ that end up getting the best coverage.

5 Communicate succinctly

Less is more. Think about what you need to say and then say it in as few words as possible. Your CV speaks volumes about your skills. Two pages maximum; nicely designed and correctly formatted. Spelling or grammar mistakes and the email’s deleted.


6 Target your approach

Make a list of the agencies or companies you want to work for, call the MD or HR person and then send them your CV. Tell them why you want to work for that particular organisation and make it personal. If an agency has won lots of awards or has some great clients on their creds, then let them know you only want to work with the best and that you can make a contribution to that.

7 Stay current

Keep up-to-date with marketing and communications trends and insights by reading B2B media and attending industry events. There is a wealth of information out there that will not only inspire ideas, but will keep you abreast of what competitors are up to. I’d want to hire someone who has their finger on the pulse of which agency created which campaign that won which awards.


8 Know your influencers

Social media is the new PR. Knowing who’s who and what is what on the ‘Gram is powerful PR currency. I can’t remember the last time we created a campaign that didn’t use influencers as part of the mix.

9 Dress the part

Look sharp. Yet retain your own personality.


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