These Bad Habits Can Definitely Prevent You From Being Promoted at Work

Go get that promotion!

Having a great career and landing promotion after promotion doesn’t just happen as a result of being good at your job. Chances are there are quite a few people who are good at the same job. So what can you do to make sure you stand out? Check out our list of bad habits, and try and avoid them at all costs.

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1. Being tardy. Which is just a fun old-school word for being late or slow to respond. There is no greater disrespect than wasting someone’s time. It’s something they will never get back.

2. Not practicing good personal hygiene. Let’s be honest – no one cares how good your idea is if they can’t get close enough to you to actually hear it.

3. Using vulgar language. Sure, we understand times get tough and sometimes in the heat of the moment there is only one word that will bring great satisfaction. But don’t use it as it as a noun, a verb and an adjective all the time.

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4. Flirting with co-workers. Just don’t. Keep your personal life personal.

5. Being passive aggressive. No one likes the person who sends emails in caps or adds a million exclamation marks at the end of a sentence. Everyone has the same goal and everyone is there to get a job done.

6. Refusing to do work you’re asked to do because it’s not in your job description. Be careful here. If your boss asks you to do something extra, do it. If you’re continuously doing extra work because a co-worker is slacking you can address the issue.



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7. Taking food from the fridge that doesn’t belong to you. It’s stealing. It’s not nice and people notice.

8. Excessive complaining and negativity. Don’t be that toxic person who leaves people feeling tired and emotionally drained after a conversation with you. You have the ability to leave people feeling better or feeling worse depending on how you speak to them.

9. Poor communication. Reply to emails timeously, return calls that you have missed and manage your time.

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