The New Moon in Virgo Is Peak Boss Bitch Energy

This is the most Virgoiest Virgo season ever.

The New Moon in Virgo Is Peak Boss Bitch Energy

On August 30, meet your new BFF, the New Moon in Virgo, because this is an extra shot of that Get Shit Done energy you’ve been waiting for. New Moons signal beginnings and new perspectives and, with Virgo being the sign of hard work, service, and self-care, this marks a time that’s basically all about you kicking ass. The Virgo-y effects are especially potent as well, considering the SunMercuryMars and Venus are all in the sign now as well. Translation: Time to be your best self!

Read below to find out what this means for your horoscope!


Feeling a little *blah* lately? While everyone thinks you look fab, your self-care regimen might need an upgrade. Think: volunteer work, massages, and meditation. Be your most refreshed, recharged, badass self before you inspire others to do the same.


This New Moon is leaving no room for self doubt. Start that project that you put off during Mercury Retrograde, cuz this is THE time to get creative and embark on something new and arsty AF. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and break out of your typical routine!


Redecorate. Get rid of the chokers you bough three years ago that you never wear now. Marie Kondo everythingMake your home Insta-worthy, Virgo-style. It should be a reflection of the best version of yourself, so time to honor your space!


You might find you’re a little extra chatty and wittier than usual (not that you’re usually not, buy you’re just bolder about showing it off!) You’ll want to up your social game and make plans so everyone can appreciate your conversational chops.


You’re leveling up in matters of self worth, money, and value, and the New Moon in your neighboring sign is here to boost your $$. Your side hustle might finally pay off so you can at last secure the bag.


It’s your season, queen. And this is *your* time. You just have that special *thing* lately. With so many planets in your identity center, you’re feeling (and looking) the best all year. Get the new haircut, buy the neon eyeliner, and just do you!


Psychic, much? This New Moon is shining a light on what’s usually harder to spot in your life, and you have some questions. If you’ve been itching to see a hypnotist or get an astrology or tarot reading, now’s the time!


Your New Moon mantra? “Make new friends, keep the old.” This cycle is pushing you to use those Scorpionic powers to bond with your besties, reach out to new people, and actually ask for help when you need it.


Dear Sag, you’re about to get those much deserved props for your stellar work. This Moon is bringing loads of energy to your career sector and you’ll be seen for the powerhouse that you are. Aka, a raise might be in the works!


Take an exhale, Cap. We know you, um, *love* to work, but it’s time to take a trip, go on a staycay, or whatever you need to free yourself. Follow your dreams and the rest will fall into place. You can get back to work as soon as you return. Promise.


The Moon is rebooting your house of sex and intimacy. Whether you’re single or dating someone, this period is all about ultra-emotional heart-to-hearts, amazeballs sex, and revelations about your deepest desires.


Headed your way: Flirtation, romance, and all the feels. If you’re single, it might be time to redownload Tinder. If you’re boo’d up, consider mixing up the ol’ Netflix routine. Whatever your situation, things should feel like you’re on the first date.

This post first appeared in Cosmopolitan.UK