Pecha Kucha Night gives you six-and-a-half minutes to tell the world why you are wonderful. Take something from this experience.

Pecha Kucha is not a naughty new bedroom game (but, hey, maybe you should make one up). It’s not some new meditation technique and you can’t eat it either. But it goes well with drinks.

Imagine a relaxed evening where people take turns to stand up and chat about their interests, their creativity, their ideas and projects. Sounds like an amateur, open-mic for hobbyists (yawn)? No way. The tone set by the participant-driven, global community initiative attracts a fascinating array of creative and entrepreneurial individuals and collectives who want to share their ideas and build their networks. Each mini talk is so fast, it’s almost all over before you started! (And we all know quickies are never boring.)

Now that Facebook, Twitter and MySpace have proven that we love being connected, Pecha Kucha Night is proving that we like doing it in the flesh. And in groups. Make the most of Pecha Kucha Nights by taking, and taking, and taking some more with these tips.

These gatherings are not date nights or singles’ clubs. They’re designed to work in an informal environment even though you might feel a little intimidated by the amount of talent gathered in one room – by design, Pecha Kucha attracts the brightest minds in all fields.

TAKE A SEAT: Get some wine, sit back and relax. You’re there to learn, but also to have fun.

TAKE NOTES: Each talk lasts only six-and-a-half minutes and speakers are always dropping useful names and websites. Because of the time restriction, you won’t be overloaded with too much detail, but you may want to jot down a few notes on topics and ideas to read up on the next day.

TAKE A CHANCE: It’s all about networking. Use the 20-minute intervals to get up and talk to someone you don’t know – target the person whose work or ideas you’re most interested in. Even if you’re not sure what you want to ask that person, things get going once you start chatting. Don’t be shy.

What’s the point of mingling with South Africa’s hot shots for one evening and never drawing on their knowledge and experience ever again? Ask for business cards so you can contact people and really pick their brain.

Remember, you don’t have to be an orator or a professional to join in. If you’ve got something to share, or something to learn, you bet Pecha Kucha’s got a stage and a slide projector just waiting for you. Although these talks are currently only hosted in Cape Town, you can set up your own Pecha Kucha Night in your city. Click here for more information.

(P.S. If the gathering DOES inspire a naughty game, you could call it Pecha Kuchi Koo)