3 Social Media Rules for Job-Seekers

Employers are stalkers too

We’ve all Googled ‘what should I include in my CV’ at some point. Once we’ve spent hours curating only our finest achievements, listing our references with care, and lost days trawling job sites. Could it be, at the end of the day, that our social media is sabotaging us? Apparently, it can. Read on to for 3 social media rules for job-seekers to live by.

According to Head of Talent Ingrid Smejkal from recruitment company Sanderson, we should bear in all mind that we’re a society of stalkers. ‘Employers are stalkers,’ Smejkal says. ‘They look at your social media when you’ve applied for a job – and that’s unlucky for some candidates because in this age of information sharing, whatever you put into the internet can be found within minutes.’

Isn’t your CV enough?

As I said, a CV is a carefully curated version of who you are (not unlike Instagram). According to Sanderson, employers often turn to you social media to get information about you that wouldn’t be listed on your CV. Are you a good fit within the company culture? Do the qualifications you’ve listed on your CV match your online history? At the bare minimum, it’s the employer’s opportunity to piece together your personality.


A study done by Lab42 and social media monitoring service Reppler showed that 47% of employers have checked a job applicant’s social media immediately after receiving a job application.

What sites are employers checking most?

  • Facebook is checked by 76% of employers
  • Twitter comes in second and is checked by 53%
  • Ironically, LinkedIn comes in last at 48%

You want the good news or bad news first?

The bad news

69% of the employers who check applicants social media say they have rejected a candidate because of something they found on their social media.


The good news

68% said that they have hired a candidate based on the findings of their social media stalk.

So how can you make sure you fall within the portion of candidates getting hired instead of rejected?

3 Social Media Rules for Job-Seekers

According to Smejkal, you should do these three things:

1 Think before you post

‘Bear in mind whether it’s something you’d want a prospective new boss to see if you know they’re on the lookout.’

2 Check your settings

‘Facebook and Twitter both have comprehensive privacy settings, but a staggering 13 million Facebook users don’t bother adding any protection to their profiles,’ Smejkal explains. Keep these platforms on lockdown but your LinkedIn as visible as possible. It is, after all, a business platform.

3 Use your lovely head

Smejkal suggests simply being sensible when it comes to posting on social media. ‘Don’t post detrimental statuses about your current company or co-workers. If you have them, delete or untag any unsavoury photos, posts or groups you’re part of.’ A finally, Smejkal recommends double-checking the most basic of all things.

‘Make sure you have a friendly profile picture which wasn’t taken in the small hours of Saturday morning.’

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