So You Want Multiple Income Streams? Here's How

In 2017, let’s make money, honey.

It’s been a tough couple of years economically for a lot of people. The price of things is going up but salaries are staying the same. The cost of living is high. We’re stressed. We’re in debt and life is just bleh, TBH. But there are ways to ease the financial burden.

Yes, you could get into a relationship and build a dual-income household. Going halvies on things is so much better when you’re going halvies on biiiig things. Suddenly that R10 000 couch is not such a daunting financial acquisition. Suddenly home ownership is a real possibility for you.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), you may not be in (or want) a relationship right now. But you do want money … so what do you do?


The employment rate in this country does not make for fun reading. Securing one income stream is hard enough, but if you can get multiple incomes in some way, shape or form coming in, it can really help ease the pressure.

  • Work out what your day looks like. If you have one main job, how much time does it eat up (including overtime)? Is it secure? And if you’re working longer than normal hours, are you being sufficiently compensated for that? Too many people think that just because you have that one job title, they can pay you the same very month regardless of how many hours you put in. Fight for yourself at work. Speak up. Your multiple income streams could very well come from the same company.
  • Are there opportunities for you to do more work in the company you’re in? Can you help out on extra projects? Your boss could be looking for more hands, and you might be the person to do that. There is no harm in enquiring about other opportunities at your place of work.
  • What else are you talented in that could make you money? What are your gifts and abilities? Are you a good writer or photographer? Do you perhaps love fashion and could work in retail? Can you bake bomb-ass cakes and biscuits? This could be your gateway to a few extra bucks in your pocket a month, which can really make a difference. It would require discipline and knowing how to manage your time, but it could be so very worth it. Who knows: you could find your next calling, Cake Boss Lady.
  • Look at the business cards you collect, and get in touch. How many people have reached out to you for some or other reason and you never even get back to them? The business cards that collect dust in various parts of your home could be the window to the kind of network you need to build for your financial freedom. Dust them off and organise a few coffee dates. A strong network is imperative to growing not only yourself, but your multiple-income-stream dream.
  • SELL IT! That OLX ad was onto something. Stop hoarding, and sell some things. Have too many clothes, antiques, a bicycle you haven’t ridden in years? Get rid of it at a flea market and get a couple of rands in your pocket. This is the easiest way to get cash – and you’ll be decluttering your life, which will give you room to think of other ways to make money.

Let 2017 be the year of Multiple Income Streams.



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