5 Signs You're Going to Get Promoted Soon

You could be promoted any day now.

Ready to be promoted? If these 5 things are happening, your boss could be about to announce the happy news.

1. He Makes Time For You

A lunch here, a walk-and-talk coffee run there, he gives you one-on-one time. And not just on your birthday.

2. She Gives You Training You Need

If there’s a skill you want to master, present a plan for what it will cost the company in money and time, suggests Levit. It could be as simple as an online course or shadowing a coworker.

3. He Let’s You Shine

A true #Boss highlights your bright ideas in front of others. If he neglects to give you credit, ask if you could, say, present an idea at the next meeting. And if it’s not an oversight? ‘There are always going to be people who want to take credit for your ideas,’ says Bruzzese. ‘Networking, promoting your skills, and focusing on work that others will notice are ways to ensure you get credit, no matter who your boss is.’

4. She Gets You In The Room

Being included in meetings or calls is how you learn. ‘It’s an assistant’s job to get coffee, but it’s a boss’s job to teach them cooler stuff,’ says Dorian Howard, a Los Angeles entrepreneur and former producer. ‘A great boss will explain why things happen and let you listen in to help you figure out your path.’

5. He Respects Your Time Off

Beware of managers who create fake or arbitrary deadlines that generate panic, says Kathleen Boozang, dean and professor of law at Seton Hall Law School. ‘Absent extraordinary circumstances, a boss should not require an assistant to work on holidays,’ she adds.

This article was originally published on cosmopolitan.com

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