How to Resign from Your Job Gracefully

Quit your job without burning bridges

You’ve landed a new job, with better prospects and a higher paycheque than your current position. Grab the opportunity – but make sure you leave your current company with good memories of you. Whatever industry you’re in, it’s probably a lot smaller than you think, so keeping your stellar rep among colleagues (past and future) is essential. The way you handle your resignation and notice period is just as important as making a good impression on your new boss.

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1 Leave on high note
‘There is never any need for anything but courtesy when initiating the resignation process with your current employers,’ says Graham Bentley, the managing director of Kelly, a staffing solutions company that focuses on skills development. Professionalism is just as vital then as it is when you’re interviewing for a new position.

2 Have an exit strategy
This includes:
– A face-to-face meeting with your current managers
– A resignation letter
– An offer to train your replacement

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3 Write well
Once you’ve told your boss in person that you’re quitting, hand over your resignation letter, which should include:
– Your intention to resign
– The date on which your resignation will be effective
Positive statements about the experience you’ve gained
– Your willingness to ensure a smooth handover to your successor
– Your thanks to your employers

4 Keep it clean!
People talk and news travels fast – so work as a dedicated member of your team until the last day of employment, and do a proper handover. A good professional rep is a great thing to have!

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